Swimming Lessons for Older Adults

Swimming Lessons for Older Adults
When it comes to learning how to swim, age is not a factor. Swimming lessons don’t need to stop at childhood. In fact, there are many instances in which swimming lessons for older adults have saved lives.

Recently, there was a story in Florida about a 73-year-old woman who decided to learn to swim. This decision came years after she had a near drowning incident. While drowning is one of the greatest dangers to kids under the age of four, this does not mean that people of other ages are out of harm’s way. In fact, each month there are numerous incidents of older Americans running into trouble in the water. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 10 people die each day due to unintentional drowning.

The Value of Swimming Lessons for Older Adults

What does this mean? Well in many incidences, knowledge can be an excellent preventative measure. Knowing how to handle an emergency situation in the water can save lives. On the other hand, not knowing what to do can be extremely dangerous. For this reason, swimming lessons for older adults are part of a critical water safety plan.

Here are a few essential water skills that every competent swimmer of any age should learn:

  • At a basic level, the swimmer should be able step or jump into water that comes over his or her head.
  • The swimmer should be able to return to the surface, float or tread water for one minute.
  • A competent swimmer should be able to turn around in a full circle and find an exit.
  • Speaking of exits, it is crucial to know how to swim 25 yards, often enough distance to allow you to leave the water. If in a pool, you must be able to exit without relying on a ladder.

These are just some of the basics. Stronger and more advanced swimmers should be able to do all this and more.

Getting Lessons, Even in the Off-Season

Of course, as the frosty cold of the winter months looms, swimming may not be immediately top of mind. That could be a mistake. Before the beach weather returns, this is a grand opportunity to learn a new life-saving skill. In fact, the colder months might be the perfect opportunity to seek out swimming lessons for older adults.

Professional lessons from licensed swim instructors can help you earn the confidence you need to hop into the water. After all, it’s never too late to learn, or brush up on, new skills! To find swimming instructors in your area, consider checking organizations like the American Red Cross. Experts will be able to point you in the right direction.

Knowing How to Swim Helps to Keep You Healthy

Besides knowing how to stay afloat, becoming a competent and confident swimmer can unlock a new world of health benefits. Swimming lessons for older adults have more benefits than simply preventing drowning. Swimming is a wonderful, heart healthy exercise for people of all ages. It works multiple muscle groups at once and is rather gentle on the joints when compared to other cardiovascular exercises.