Easy Installation

Step 1: Layout & Mark-Out

**If using a self-closing gate, skip this step and refer to the Gate Location, Layout, & Mark-Out instructions.


The fence should be a minimum 2' off the pool edge. See Fig. 1 & Fig 2
Fig. 1Fig. 2

Starting Point

  1. Is the manual opening to enter the pool area. See Fig. 1 Use the double hole on the section template provided and mark your first hole 1L Fig. 3. 1L is for the 1st pole of the full section going to the left side of the pool.
    Fig. 3
  2. Now, place the template over the mark 1L that you just marked and mark your next hole, 1R Fig. 4. 1R is for the 1st pole of the full section going to the right side of the pool.
    Fig. 4


  1. Once both holes of the start point are marked, (1L & 1R) place the template provided over 1R Fig. 5.
    Fig. 5
  2. Then place the template over 1R and mark your second hole for that section (Fig. 5a).
    Fig. 5a
  3. Now repeat until the 5th pole of the section Fig. 6-7a.
    Fig. 6 Fig. 7
  4. Mark your last hole for that section, (hole 5) Fig. 7a.
    Fig. 7aFig. 7b
  5. Then use the double hole on the template and align it over the 5th hole you marked Fig. 7b and mark thefirst hole of the next connecting section to the right, (hole 1). Repeat these steps on both sides of the pool until you reach the section that will be the cut section. For additional information call 561-316-6418

Full Pool Fence DIY Installation Layout Diagram

  1. See Fig 8 below. All full sections have 5 poles attached to the mesh. When marking-out, make sure you always count your holes before marking-out your next section. Also count your holes again before you drill to make sure you didn’t mark too many or too few holes.
    Fig. 8

Custom Cut

Is when the last piece is less than the 36" template. Marking your custom cut is just like marking out a full 3 foot panel only the last panel is usually shorter than 3 feet. This is the custom cut you will make later. This section is the last one marked out, usually in the back of the pool, where you will not notice it. The last piece will most likely have fewer poles in it. This example depicts a two pole cut. For additional information call 561-316-6418.

Lay Back Holes

Are needed for the manual opening and are used to place the end poles of the section into when using the pool. See Fig. 9 & 10

Fence Line: -----------
Fig. 9Fig. 10