Easy Installation

Concrete Paver Installation

Simply follow the installation guide for a regular install in concrete. When it comes time to place the sleeves into the holes you drilled there will be a change. Pavers on top of sand or crushed stone is considered an unstable surface. The pavers are basically floating or just laying on top of sand/crushed stone. If you put a regular plastic sleeve into the paver it will not have sufficient strength to withstand the tension of the angled poles pulling inward or outwards, it will not be able to stand up to small children pushing on the fence, strong winds along ocean front homes can potentially knock fence over, etc. This will not make for a happy customer or a safe fence.

The correct steps to take to ensure your fence has the strength.

  1. You will need to purchase 1/2' L copper pipe from your local hardware store, we recommend using copper because it won’t rust or degrade in the earth and is rigid enough to keep your Pool Fence strong and looking great.
  2. Cut this with a hacksaw or a reciprocating saw to the length. (8"-12")
  3. Place the cut pieces of copper in holes you’ve drilled and hammer down using a rubber mallet. (Fig. 1)
    Fig. 1
  4. Once all sleeves are set use a hose to wash out any sand that may be in the sleeve preventing the Pool Fence post from going all the way into the sleeve. (Fig. 2)
    Fig. 2
  5. Continue on Step 4 of the installation guide.