Easy Installation

Dirt Installation

Installing Pool Fence DIY into Dirt, Rock Gardens, and Other loose Surfaces

Occasionally you will come across installations in which the fence will not get drilled into a substantial surface, like concrete. These other surfaces include dirt, rock gardens, mulch, and other loose surfaces. For these situations, you will need to install cement footings in order to ensure that the fence will have the same strength as if it were installed in a solid surface.

*** You will need poolfenceDIY Dirt sleeves ***

Step 1

The first step when coming across these types of surfaces is to determine how many footings you will need. This will dictate how much concrete to buy for this job. (For one-day installations it is recommended that you buy fast setting concrete). A 50 lbs. bag can make 3-4 footings. For this particular example we need to install 6 footings. We will need about 2 bags of fast setting concrete.
Fig. 38

Step 2

The second step to installing cement footings is to have a straight line if the fence is going straight back. The easiest way to accomplish this is to tie a piece of string to a dirt stake and stick it into the dirt in front of your last fence pole that is installed in the solid surface. Then draw it out to where the connection point will be. Cut the string and tie it to another dirt stake. Stick the last stake in the dirt in front of the connection point. In our example, the connection point would be the existing perimeter fence. Now you have a guide to follow. (See Fig. 38 above) If you are not going straight back to your connection point skip this step.
Fig. 39

Step 3

The straight line is set up. We can now begin to measure for each footing. Your  rst footing should be 2 1/2" away from the last pole in the concrete. Using a post hole digger, dig your  rst hole approximately 10" deep. Now tap your sleeve into the ground until it is level with the deck surface. (See Fig. 39) (Use a 4' level to make sure each sleeve you tap into the ground is level with the deck surface.) Now if you are using fast setting concrete, pour it into the hole dry and wet it with a hose. Follow these ste ps for each footing until you have reached your connection point. With fast setting concrete, you should be able to put the fence up by the end of the job. Finally, cover your footings with the surface you are installing into. (See Fig. 40 below)
Fig. 40