3 Foot Add-On Installation

Parts Included

  • PoolfenceDIY spare pole with moulding strip
  • 3' x 4' Bordered mesh
  • Screws
  • Stainless Steel Hook and Eye
  • Grey Sleeve
  • Grey Cap

Extension Install

To install your 3' Extension to first remove the first or last pole of a 4' x 12' PoolfenceDIY fence section.

3 Foot Extension

Once the pole is removed, overlap the borders of the 3' extension and the 4' x 12' PoolfenceDIY section and reattach the pole using the molding strip that was removed.

3 Foot Extension

Congratualtions you’ve successfully installed your 3' extension

If you are having diffculty or are missing any componets please call our support line 561-316-6418