Installation Videos

Pool Fence DIY Installation Instructions in under a minute

The video below will show the basic steps needed to install the Pool Fence DIY in under a minute.

DIY Pool Fence Installation Videos

From Step 1 to Done

Step 1

Marking Out The Job

This video will show the first step in the Pool Fence DIY installation process. You will use the provided template to mark each hole that will need to be drilled in the deck. Taking more time here is highly recommended. Take you time, measure twice, and drill once. The whole process will go a lot more smoothly.

Step 2


In this video you will see the basic steps needed to complete the second stage of the installation. This is the area where the optional drilling guide with bubble level, comes in extremely handy. It is also what will make your job look professionally installed when done correctly.

Step 3

Making Your Custom Cut

In the third step to installing the fence, you will learn how to make your custom cut. Few pools are made alike, and neither are the pool fence configurations. Fortunately, the Pool Fence DIY safety system is modular. Making the custom cut is rather simple. With the included materials you can have a fence that looks professionally installed.

Step 4

Putting Up And Latching The Fence

The home stretch to peace of mind! This video shows putting up and latching the fence. It is a rather simple procedure, and one of the best reasons to have a removable mesh safety fence. The fence can be removed within a matter of minutes when it is not needed.

Pool Fence DIY Self-Closing, Self-Latching, Gate Assembly Videos

Step by step assembly of the Pool Fence DIY self-closing, self-latching gate system. Using MagnaLatch Series 3 hardware.

Gate Hinge Installation

Gate Latch Installation

Additional Videos

Installation And Customer Review

This customer-submitted video demonstrates how to install the Pool Fence DIY and offers a comprehensive review.

How To Measure Your Deck, Yard, Or Patio For A Pool Fence DIY

Here are a few methods for finding the total footage required for your DIY Pool Fence. After you have found the total footage required for your fence; you can use our Design Your Own Pool Fence Tool to determine the correct material list.