Easy Installation

Step 2: Understanding How to Drill

Angle & Level Holes

Before drilling you need to survey all the holes and mark the direction in which the holes will be drilled, should it be a Light Lean Angle, Heavy Lean Angle or a Level Hole? Should the pole lean toward the pool or away from the pool or be level? See diagram below. Mark an arrow on the deck surface to avoid making a mistake. Angles are needed to ensure proper tension and aesthetics. Fig. 12 shows a Light Lean away from the pool. Fig. 13 shows a Heavy Lean toward the pool. Level holes are drilled perpendicular to the deck surface or no lean at all. See Fig. 14 For additional information call 561-316-6418.
Fig. 12, 13, 14

Understand the Angle to be Drilled:

See Fig. 15a-17

PRO NOTES: Fig. 15a-15b Any hole to be drilled will have a hole in front of it and one in the back of it as shown in Fig. 15a. If the hole to be drilled is in the heavy lean range, it will require a Heavy Lean. If the hole to be drilled is in the light lean range, it will require a Light Lean. See Fig. 15b. For additional information call 561-316-6418.

Imaginary Line: -----------
Fig. 15aFig. 15b

PRO NOTES: Fig. 16 Smoother transitions when contouring the fence are best. Avoid heavy turns where ever possible. This example shows all Light Leans.
Fig. 16

PRO NOTES: Fig. 17 When determining the lean of a hole, simply stand over the hole you are about to drill, then look at the hole in front of you and the hole behind you. If you connected all three holes with imaginary lines it would make a triangle. The point of the triangle indicates the direction of lean. The further away from the imaginary line the more of a lean. If it doesn’t make a triangle then it is level.

Imaginary Line: -----------

Fence Line: ——————
Fig. 17