Easy Installation

Step 5: Finishing & Latching Your New Pool Fence DIY

Latching The Fence

You now have all the full sections installed and the custom cut made as well. Each full section has a pilot hole at the top between the first and second screw. Follow these steps to ensure your fence is latched properly:

  1. Follow these steps for each section connection.
  2. Using your 1/8" drill bit, carefully drill out the pilot hole and slightly bevel the hole. Fig. 31
    Fig. 31
    Using your 1/8" drill bit remember to slightly bevel the hole so the screw eye will thread easily but snugly. You only have to drill through the pilot hole and bevel. Be careful not to rotate drill too fast when beveling the hole or you may brake your drill bit.
  3. Screw one screw eye into each hole on opposing sections. Fig. 32
    Fig. 32
    Put the removable screw eye in first, as shown to the right in Fig. 32. Use the latch for leverage. Then disconnect the latch from the screw eye and turn the other screw eye in using the latch for leverage. Make sure both screw eyes are tightened until there are no visible threads.
  4. Squeeze the poles and clip the double hasp latch on to either screw eye. Fig. 33
    Fig. 33
    The fence works on tension so you must squeeze the poles together in order to connect the latch to the screw eye. (TIP) Before you squeeze the poles together make sure that the poles are straight. The tension of the fence will want to twist the poles away from each other. Once you have twisted the poles as straight as you can, grab one pole and lock it between your thumb and palm by squeezing it tightly. This will help prevent the poles from twisting away from each other when you squeeze them to connect the latch. For additional information call 561-316-6418.

Congratulations! You Have Just Installed Your New Pool Fence D.I.Y.

  • Keep gates and manual openings closed at all times.
  • Periodically check fence for proper function.
  • Keep fence away from staging platforms ie: tables or chairs.
  • Leave room between fence & pool to allow for a walkway while fence is up.
  • If fence is terminating to an existing structure, make sure the structure is solid enough and the latch can not pull out allowing a child to get through.
  • Removable mesh safety fence is not intended to be a substitute for proper adult supervision and is not a guarantee against access to the pool.
  • Children should always be carefully watched at all times.
  • Layers of protection such as a fence, pool alarm, door alarm, swimming instruction, personal immersion alarms, and proper adult supervision in and around your pool can help reduce unauthorized access.
  • If you are installing the fence to meet with code requirement check your local building codes to be sure you are in compliance with local fencing laws.