Easy Installation

Step 4: Making Your Custom Cut

Measure Your Custom Cut

Your custom section is the one that doesn’t fit. The first step is to measure your custom cut. Note whether you will be cutting from the right side or the left side of the full section. See Fig. 21 below.
Fig. 21
PRO NOTE: When measuring for a custom cut or cutting fence you should always remember that the mold-ings face out away from the pool. When measuring your cut section, always face the pool.

Measure the outside centerline of the odd panel. Next, count the number of poles in the odd section and double check whether it is a cut to the right or a cut to the left. See Fig. 22-23. For additional information call 561-316-6418.
Fig. 22Fig. 23

If you notice in Fig. 22 our example custom cut is a 4 pole and then a cut to the right. Let's say this cut is a 4 pole 23 1/2" to the right. When you measure make sure you are measuring between the two centerlines of either hole. Fig. 23 illustrates the scribe lines but, when you are ready to measure for your cut you will be dealing with drilled holes in the concrete and there will be no scribe lines drawn across the holes. The scribe lines in the  gure are to remind you that if your cut happens to fall on a turn, you must remember that your center line turns as well.

Make Your Cut

Now you have the measurement and you can make the cut. Roll out your full section (screws facing up) in front of the custom cut area and face the pool. Looking at the full section count the poles over until you reach the panel that needs to be cut. Our example cut is a 4 pole 23 1/2" to the right. See Fig 24 below.
Fig. 24

Hold your tape measure on the OUTSIDE OF THE MOLDING as shown in Fig. 25 and make a mark on the border at the top and bottom of the fence with a marker.
Fig. 25

Using your scissors you can proceed to cut the mesh. Sliding your ruler up against the molding to make sure you are cutting at exactly the measurement you took. See Fig. 26 Make sure the mesh is tight and remove the extra pole from the extra piece.
Fig. 26

Your cut has been made and you now have to attach the border material included. Place mesh between both flaps of the border and slide the strip of border down the mesh then staple it on. Staples should be 1/4" off line of mesh in border. See Fig. 27-28. Make sure the mesh is fully inserted inside the border material included.
Fig. 27Fig. 28

Now your border has been attached to the cut side of the mesh. Cut of excess border. Your next step is to attach the pole you removed in Fig. 26 to the cut side.

The best way to attach your pole to the cut is as follows:

  1. Lay your molding strip on top of the border you just attached. Fig. 29
    Fig. 29
  2. Line up molding so that it’s  ush with bottom &  ush with line of mesh. Make sure all staples are covered by molding Fig. 29.
  3. Screw one screw into the molding at the top until it comes completely through the molding mesh and border.
  4. Then put one screw into the molding at the bottom until it comes through to the other side of the molding and mesh. Your molding should now be attached with 2 screws to the cut piece of the fence.
  5. Slide your pole underneath the molding & mesh, and align the screws that came through the otherside to the corresponding holes of the pole. Partially back out your top screw while keeping pressure on the molding and the pole to keep it from moving. Then slowly drive the screw back down into the pole. Repeat this step for the bottom screw. See Fig. 30
    Fig. 30
  6. Finally place the rest of the screws into the pole and slowly screw them down. Your end pole is now attached. For additional information call 561-316-6418.