Easy Installation

Step 3: Drilling and Inserting Ground Sleeves

*Recommended* Drill Guide

We have a drill guide that will help you with drilling holes needed for proper installation. If you are unsure about any steps call 561-316-6418.

  1. Align: The drill guide over the marked hole with the bubble level pointing to the pool edge. (See Fig. DG1)
  2. Level: The drill guide. The three bolts attached to the bottom of thebase allow the user to level the drill guide. Simply turn the bolts clockwise or counter clockwise. (See Fig. DG2)
  3. Lean: The guide either away from the pool, toward the pool, or at the zero mark for level drilling. To adjust the pitch simply loosen the upper wingnuts on either side of the drill guide. (See Fig. DG3 & DG4)
    DG 3 & 4
  4. Heavy or Light Lean: The tick marks on the side of the drill guide by the wing nut will show you what a heavy lean is and what a light lean is. (See Fig. DG5) below.

If you are unsure about any part of these instructions please call before drilling any holes into your deck or surface (561)316-6418


Begin at your start point to drill out fence as shown below in Fig. 18. Check the hole you are about to drill making sure you have the appropriate degree of lean and the direction of the hole to be drilled either towards the pool or away from the pool. In this example we are drilling away from the pool. Remember to always adjust your bubble indicator to level.

Fig. 18


Once drilling is completed, flush out the debris from the holes using a garden hose Fig. 19. Next insert the plastic sleeves in the holes and tap down completely Fig. 20
Fig. 19Fig. 20

Installing Sections

Start at a double hole (where sections connect) and put your first pole in. You should always lean the pole you are leading with back as shown below in Fig. 20b to get it started in the hole. Then push the pole forward along the line of fence and down into the hole until the bottom of the fence is flush with the deck sleeve. Repeat this until all of your full sections are installed.
Fig. 20b