National Water Safety Month

May is National Water Safety Month, and we wish to honor it! We will be offering a 10% Discount for every order over 100$; until May 31st 2016. Now is the time to make your backyard safe, at even more of a discount. Pool Safety Fencing is a great layer of protection for your home.

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An unprotected pool is over one-hundred times more dangerous to your child than a loaded gun (Freakanomics, 2005).Drowning is the #1 cause of death for children under five, beating out all others, including car accidents. Pediatricians, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the Center for Disease Control all agree that an unprotected swimming pool is the greatest danger to a child’s life. You would never put your baby in a car without a car seat/seat belt. You would never leave a firearm out where your child is playing. But for many, pool safety is seen as an optional luxury, despite the pool being statistically more dangerous than both the gun and pool combined. No child is drown proof, and even the best parents have suffered tragedies. 77% of drownings occur less than five minutes after the child was last seen — often in his room, sleeping. The one positive light is that toddler drownings are completely preventable by installing multiple layers of protection: parent supervision, high locks and alarms on doors and windows, Life Saver Pool Fencing, an alarm in the pool, a Safety Turtle alarm worn on the child, and finally, if all these fail, your knowledge of safety techniques and CPR.