Our Story

In 1987, Robert and Ruth Lupton, started Life Saver Pool Fence in their garage. Ruth would sew the mesh at night while the family slept and Robert would get up at 3 a.m. for a paper route – any money he earned from the paper route was his marketing budget. Ruth would then take care of her son, Eric, a toddler with cerebral palsy, and his infant brother, Chris, while running the office, and Robert would go out to sell the fence, come back to the garage to manufacture it, and then install it. The business grew from their garage to a small warehouse and continued to grow from there. Eric started working for the company in high school and started running the business in 2003 when his parents retired. Since then, Life Saver has grown over 10 times while expanding throughout the US and abroad. In addition to the robust network of Life Saver dealers, the company began offering affordable do-it-yourself pool safety fencing to homeowners that they can purchase online. This new approach furthers Life Saver's mission of protecting every pool on Earth by making quality pool fence accessible to more families.
Life Saver also donates removable mesh pool safety fencing to families who have experienced a fatal or non-fatal drowning through its Save a Life Program.

Mission Statement

Drowning is the #1 accidental killer of children ages 1 – 4 years old. Most of these drownings happen in backyard swimming pools and are entirely preventable. It is our mission to give every parent the tools they need to protect their children and other children from the threat of their swimming pool, and in doing so, reduce the staggering number of fatal drownings nationwide. Removable mesh pool safety fencing has proven over the last 60 years to be the most effective layer of protection to prevent childhood drowning, so we have developed the safest, strongest pool fence possible, and designed it to be both simple for parents to install themselves and affordable, in alignment with our mission of equipping parents so they can keep their children safe.

Eric Lupton


Eric Lupton is the President of Life Saver Pool Fence System, Inc., the world's largest pool fence company according to Forbes. He has been featured as a business, entrepreneurship, marketing expert in two New York Times Best Sellers, the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, and USA Today, including a standalone feature in Forbes. He is highly sought after and interviewed by the media as an expert on child safety. Eric was born with cerebral palsy, requiring him to use a power wheelchair full-time. He served on the board of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance, the country's largest water safety non-profit, and was eventually elected to become its Vice President. He’s a native of Boynton Beach, FL and loves Doctor Who, TED Talks, and everything dairy.