Easy Installation

Adding a Pole

Adding a pole is an alternative technique to using the 90 degree turn. Adding a pole is used when a turn is to tight to use a regular 36" pole pivot. Diagram B1 illustrates this particular situation. Diagram B2 depicts how to mark out added poles.

  1. In Diagram B2 added poles are indicated by the letter A next to the hole. In the diagram you would need to do three add-a-poles in order to share the tension of the fence. The added pole will also prevent the fence from cutting across the grass. Observe how the scribe line is turned during the mark out the same way it is done when marking out a regular turn. The added poles will be drilled just like you would as if it was a normal turn.
  2. After the holes for your fence have been drilled out you will now have to add the extra poles to your section. Diagram B3 depicts how to add the poles for this particular situation. The numbered poles are the poles that are 36" on center.
  3. Diagram B4 is a close view of the measurement you should take. When measuring to add a pole hold the ruler center of the pole and using your grease pencil mark the correct distance on the border. In this example our first pole will be added at 28". Do this at the top of the fence as well. Once they are marked you can then screw your poles onto the fence. Follow these instruction for each added pole in your installation.