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Design Your Own Pool Fence


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Installing a Complete or Partial Fence?

Will your fence go completely around the pool, or will you be attaching it to an existing wall or barrier?

Fence will go completely around the pool

Fence will be attached to existing fence or wall

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Fence Height

Pool Fence DIY comes in either 4 feet high or 5 feet high. 4 feet high is the most popular and the height recommended by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the National Drowning Prevention Alliance. 5 feet high is required by California for adoptions, daycares, foster parents, and other applications.

($7.90 / foot)


($10.84 / foot)

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Fence Color

If you are not sure which color you want, select Black for the traditional look and the most popular as well. Some pool owners in the southwest prefer brown mesh with matching brown poles and borders. Please choose a color that will work well with your current outside decor and existing pool colors.

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Total Fence Length

What is the total length in feet you will need for your fence?

If your fence will be completely in a hard surface, e.g. concrete, thick wood, tiles over concrete or a hard subsrate, stone, etc., leave the number of feet over grass as "0" and vice versa.

If your fence will be partly in a hard surface and partly in grass, enter the total number of feet of fence you will need in each surface into the two fields below.

Feet Over Hard Surface

Feet Over Grass / Dirt

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Arched or Flat Top Gate

Your self-closing gate can either have the standard flat top or be upgraded to an arched top.

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Self-Closing, Self-Latching Gates

How many self-closing, self-latching gates would you like?

Gates that will be in a hard surface

Gates that will be in grass/dirt

The Pool Fence DIY system includes a manual opening at no charge. Self-closing, self-latching gates are recommended by everyone from the American Academy of Pediatrics to the Consumer Product Safety Commission to the National Drowning Prevention Alliance. Besides being safer, they are also MUCH more convenient. A must if you have older children who use the pool.

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90° Turn Posts

Are you making any 90° turns? If yes, how many?

90° Turns Over Hard Surface

90° Turns Over Grass / Dirt

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This item is HIGHLY recommended to ensure the fence is properly installed.

Will you need the Pool Fence DIY Drilling Guide with Bubble Level?

$117.56 $98.05

Sorry, item currently out of stock.

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Rotary Hammer Drill

The Pool Fence DIY Rotary Hammer Drill is the recommended hammer drill for installing this style of mesh pool fencing. Having the right tool for the right job makes installation go smoother. It also comes with a 16" long x 5/8" diameter drill bit, which is the recommended bit for this installation and is the correct length for the Pool Fence DIY Drill Guide, which is highly recommended.

$174.39 $138.89

Sorry, item currently out of stock.

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Drill Bits

Do you need the correct bit for your hammer drill (or an extra bit)?

Pool Fence DIY SDS-Plus Masonry Bit 5/8th Inch Diameter by 16 Inch Length (compatible with the Pool Fence DIY Rotary Hammer Drill)

Pool Fence DIY Standard (Smooth Shank) Masonry Bit 5/8th Inch Diameter by 16 Inch Length (for non-SDS compatible hammer drills)

$16.08 each

Out of Stock

$15.58 each

Out of Stock

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How many Solar Lights do you want on your fence?

$8.18 each


Sorry, item currently out of stock.

This solar light uses a rechargeable AAA battery. It charges in the sun or shade, and has approximately an 8 hour run time. It was constructed to fit on 1″ pool fence posts. It features a bright white 3 lumens LED light. You can use this light to brighten your pool fence in the dark, designate the gate entrance, and add to aesthetics of your backyard.

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Do you want to add Omni-Hangers to your fence?

How many two-packs you would like with your fence?

$21.79 per two-pack


Sorry, item currently out of stock.

This hanger will replace your existing pole cap. Once replaced, the Omni-Hanger can be used to keep your safety equipment within close reach. You can also hang your towels to dry. You can keep all of the cleaning equipment and hoses organized and out of the way when the pool is in use. The OMNI-Hanger comes in packs of two for your convenience.

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Life Saving Features and Lifetime Warranty.

You never know when accidents happen. The last thing you should fear is your own pool.

Ultra-Strong Mesh

Strength rating of 270+ pounds per square inch. The UV coating keeps your pool fence looking great for years.

Budget Friendly

A pool fence can cost thousands of dollars. Pool Fence DIY is designed to help you save money. Save 33% on average when you DIY.

Easy Installation

Follow our step-by-step installation guide or instructional videos for easy installation.

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Budget Friendly

Save 33% on average when you DIY. Follow our instructional videos for easy installation.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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