Product Spotlight: Omni-Hangers

Product Spotlight: Omni-Hangers
On occasion, we like to spotlight a particular product on our blog. In this case, we are looking at Omni-Hangers. This is an attachment for your pool fence that adds both convenience and safety.

As our regular readers know, we’re all about safety. Read on to learn all about how Omni-Hangers can enhance your pool area.

What are Omni-Hangers?

In a nutshell, Omni-Hanger pool fence hooks allow you to hang towels and bathing suits to dry. They are also helpful for hanging other wet objects, including bags of pool toys and safety equipment. They’re also a great way to keep life jackets or life preserver rings close at hand.

To start, the Omni-Hanger hooks are designed for use with the Pool Fence DIY pool safety system from Life Saver.

On the website, the product is sold as a set of two. In particular, this tool helps to prevent the pool fence from sagging under the weight of wet towels. Beyond towels and life jackets, Omni-Hangers can help to keep cleaning equipment and hoses organized and out of the way.

For users familiar with our pool fences, the Omni-Hanger replaces an existing pole cap on your Pool Fence DIY system.

You can purchase or learn more about this product via this link to our store.

Convenience and Safety

One reason to use Omni-Hangers is for quick and easy access to towels. Put simply, the less time you spend walking on slippery floors or reaching for towels, the better. After all, the area around a pool or hot tub can become extremely slick when wet.

Water aside, slime and algae are a pool owner’s enemy. We’ve written about cleaning your pool in the past, but that goes for the surrounding flooring as well. Places that remain wet can be magnets for gross film and slime. To make matters worse, these bacteria can be invisible to the naked eye. As you can imagine, this can be a pretty dangerous safety hazard.

Having a towel close at hand can help to avoid a slippery situation or potential injury. Keeping one readily available on an Omni-Hanger is an excellent safety precaution.

While we’re talking about slippery surfaces, swimmers should also wear swim shoes near the pool. Swim shoes are specially designed shoes to help a person keep their balance, even in the water. A pair of these can help to limit the possibility of someone slipping and falling.

Picking a Fence to Use with Omni-Hangers 

Beyond having a towel close at hand, it is always important to use the right fence. Here are just a few of the characteristics to look for when choosing a pool fence:


When purchasing an above-ground pool fence, height is key. A pool fence is designed to keep kids out of harm’s way, so make sure it is tall enough to discourage anyone from jumping over it.

Strong and Supportive

The value of strong mesh on a pool fence cannot be overstated. Look for a fence with the strength to repel little ones from pushing through. Additionally, it should be able to withstand all weather conditions.