Year-Round Water Safety: Keeping Your Kids Safe Beyond the Pool

Year-Round Water Safety: Keeping Your Kids Safe Beyond the Pool

As parents, year-round water safety should be a serious concern. We’re all too familiar with the joyful sounds of our children's laughter echoing around the swimming pool during the summer months. But here's the thing – water safety isn't just a seasonal concern. 

In fact, it's a year-round responsibility that requires our unwavering attention. Even when the pool is closed and winter coats replace swimsuits, the risk of water-related accidents doesn't vanish. In fact, did you know that drowning incidents can occur in unexpected places like the bathtub? It's a chilling reminder that we must stay vigilant no matter the time of year.

Year-Round Water Safety Requires Us to Understand the Risks Beyond Summer

While summer often takes center stage when discussing water safety, the reality is that accidents can happen at any time. Even in the midst of winter, we need to be conscious of the potential dangers that water poses to our children. Drowning is a silent danger – it happens quickly and quietly, catching even the most attentive parents off-guard. According to the CDC, drowning is the leading cause of unintentional injury-related deaths among children aged one to four, and the second leading cause for kids aged five to 14 in the United States.

Don't Let Your Guard Down

As the weather cools and outdoor water activities come to a halt, it's easy to assume that the risks have diminished. However, it's precisely this false sense of security that can lead to tragic accidents. Bathtubs, buckets, and even our pet’s water bowls can become potential hazards if not handled with caution. Children are naturally curious and drawn to water, making it crucial for parents to maintain constant supervision, regardless of the setting.

The Bathtub: A Surprisingly Dangerous Place

Think about how many times you've left your child in the bathtub for just a moment while you grab a towel or a fresh diaper. It seems harmless, right? However, that's all the time it takes for an accident to occur. Babies and toddlers can drown in just a few inches of water, and it happens more often than you might think.

A study published in Pediatrics found that over 80% of bathtub drownings among children under the age of five occurred when they were left unsupervised for a mere five minutes or less. It's a sobering reminder that distractions, no matter how brief, can have devastating consequences.

Tips for Year-Round Water Safety:


Supervision is Non-Negotiable 

As discussed above, the most effective way to prevent water-related accidents is to keep a watchful eye on your children at all times. This applies not only to pools and lakes but also to bathtubs, hot tubs, and any other water sources.

Empty Water Containers

Empty buckets, basins, and kiddie pools immediately after use, and store them upside down. Children can easily tip over these containers and fall into them, which can potentially lead to drowning.

Enforce Safety Rules

Teach your children about the importance of water safety from an early age. Set clear rules, such as no running around pools or getting into the tub without adult supervision. 

Learn CPR

Being trained in CPR can be a lifesaver. In the event of an accident, knowing how to perform CPR can make a critical difference while waiting for medical help to arrive. 

Use Proper Barriers


Install a pool fence around pools, hot tubs, and other bodies of water to prevent unsupervised access. Remember that inflatable pool toys are not a substitute for proper barriers. In fact, they can entice children to explore the area even more, and possibly fall into the water. The same goes for bath toys. 

By staying informed, vigilant, and proactive, we can reduce the risk of water-related accidents and create a safer environment for our children to thrive.

As parents, we're entrusted with the safety and wellbeing of our children. Water safety should be a top priority year-round. While the allure of summer water play is undeniable, it's essential that we don’t let our guard down during the off-season.

Drowning incidents can occur in the blink of an eye, and they often happen when we least expect them. Year-round water safety is a commitment that transcends time and place.