Worried about Pets and Pool Safety?

Worried about Pets and Pool Safety?
Drowning is a serious hazard for people… but we can’t forget our furry friends! Many of our readers are awfully concerned about pets and pool safety.

Are there any measures that can be taken to keep them safe? You bet! Read on to learn more.

Pets and Pool Safety: Can All Animals Swim?

Unfortunately, there is a misleading myth that all animals can swim. That said, we should never just assume that commonly held beliefs are always true. For one thing, most cats hate water. That’s something a lot of us have learned over the years. However, it’s still important to stay vigilant, because you never know when your cat may decide to hop in the water. After all, like little kids, pets can get curious, too! Considering pets and pool safety is critical.

As for dogs, there are some breeds that naturally stay afloat by dog paddling. That said, the world we live in today features a wide variety of dog breeds. Some popular breeds, such as pugs, are simply not equipped for water play.

According to a piece on Pet MD, it’s estimated that thousands of family pets drown in their own backyards each year. Beyond paddling to stay afloat, let’s discuss our pets’ ability to get in and out of the water. Even if a pet dives into the water, they may not know where the stairs are located. This happens much more often than a lot of people realize.

The topic of pets and pool safety is even more important in the dark of night. Your pet might not be able to see available exits clearly.

Install a Pet Pool Fence

When it comes to pets and pool safety, a pet fence is a valuable addition to your pool area. Much like a pool fence designed for humans, it can be adapted to fit around your pool or hot tub.

It is also designed to protect against accidental falls into your pool and can be installed by the owner.  When it comes to installing a pet fence, the fence should be high enough to deter a pet from hopping over it and into the water.

This black, 12-foot-long section of fence has a two-foot height to help make your backyard pool area a safer place for small pets. The fence can be removed when no pets are present.

When properly installed, a DIY pool fence for dogs is one of the most common and effective ways to help secure your pool area. You can read more about our brand and the DIY pet fence at this link.

CPR Works on Pets, Too!

Aside from pet fences, there is another option when it comes to pets and pool safety. Believe it or not, CPR training is just as helpful for pets as it is for humans. The steps are similar, but have several key adaptations for our furry friends. Those adaptations will be the subject of a dedicated article in the future.

To learn more, contact a CPR training center. The American Red Cross is a great place to start learning about swimming safety and CPR. With proper training, CPR can save a life. Perhaps even a beloved pet’s life.