Adult Swim: Water Safety for Adults

Adult Swim: Water Safety for Adults
We've discussed water safety for teens and for pets, but what about water safety for adults?

During the summer months, many people participate in activities in or nearby the water. A day at the beach, a pool party, and boating in the open waters may all be on your to-do list. And why not?  That’s what summer fun is all about. However, if you are planning to be by the water, you should make sure to brush up on your water safety knowledge before taking a dip. 

We talk quite a bit on our Pool Fence DIY blog about keeping kids safe around water. This is with good reason, since drowning is the leading cause of death for children aged one to four. However, water safety for adults shouldn’t be overlooked either.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you enjoy your time by the water:

Never Mix Alcohol and Water

Having a poolside cocktail sounds like a relaxing idea, but it’s one that can quickly lead to a serious injury. It’s never a good idea to mix alcohol and swimming. Being intoxicated can lead to poor decision-making skills, coordination, and balance.  With that in mind, getting in the pool or open water in this condition can result in some dire consequences.

Keep the Water Safe for Everyone

A recent study found that more than half of Americans don’t bathe before swimming.  This can be unhealthy for both you and your fellow swimmers. When you don’t bathe or shower before jumping in the pool, all of the sweat and germs on your body transfer to the water and decrease its quality. In case you are following the rules of etiquette but other swimmers aren’t, keep yourself safe by not swallowing the water. Doing so means that you ingest those germs, along with pool chemicals like chlorine.

Swim Lessons Aren’t Just for Kids

Some people may associate swimming lessons with children, but it is just as important for adults to be prepared in the water.  The best way to ensure your own safety in the water is to have this skill under your belt.  Even if you aren’t planning to go into the water, you never know when swimming skills will come in handy – for instance, if a child is in trouble, or if you accidentally fall into the water.  It never hurts to be more confident in the pool. Remember, it’s never too late to learn.

Catch a Wave… Safely

Adventure is only a wave away when you’re a surfer. But knowing how to catch a wave safely is essential to avoiding potential danger. You’ll want to be prepared to encounter sea creatures, fellow surfers and strong tides. Make sure you’re properly trained and ready for any number of potentially challenging situations.

Water Safety for Adults Isn’t Only For Pools

Pool safety isn’t the only time to think about adult water safety. As we mentioned above, adults need to be careful during other water activities as well. For instance, while out on a boat, even experienced swimmers should wear life jackets.  When you relax in a hot tub, make sure the water doesn’t get hot enough to burn you.  Last, no one is excused from safety rules at the beach – listen to the lifeguard at all times.