Throw a Safe and Spooky Halloween Pool Party

Throw a Safe and Spooky Halloween Pool Party
Halloween is coming up fast. In warmer climates, there is still time for outdoor gatherings. If you are looking to throw a safe and spooky Halloween pool party, we’ve got some helpful tips. There’s also one party trick that sounds neat but you might want to avoid.

Starting with Spooky Halloween Pool Party Effects

Dry Ice in the Pool

What creates a fun, ghoulish atmosphere better than rolling fog? If you haven’t closed your pool, it should be the perfect tool for this effect. Provided that the party is well away from the water, this trick involves with a little bit of dry ice and an outdoor swimming pool.

Dry ice is actually frozen carbon dioxide. It is usually used for refrigeration, but this spooky Halloween pool party effect has something else in store. For this trick, the host carefully throws some dry ice into the open swimming pool.

Now, remember: this isn't a regular ice cube. In fact, a block of dry ice can be 109 degrees below zero. When blocks of dry ice collide with the pool water, it creates an impressive fog and bubbling effect. Even just a small amount of dry ice can fill a backyard with the atmosphere of a haunted graveyard.

That sounds fun, but this can also be quite dangerous. Since safety always comes first, be sure no one is standing near the water.

Beware of the Dangers of the Dry Ice Trick

Safety is always the most important aspect when you’re throwing a party. If your party is going to be close to the water, this trick might not be worth the trouble. Remember that dry ice is so cold, it can actually burn the skin if touched. Keeping that in mind, the person handling it should wear proper protective gear.

Additionally, the rolling fog effect releases a large amount of carbon dioxide into the air. So this should not be attempted indoors. Breathing too much carbon dioxide can be hazardous.

Throwing dry ice into pools has become something of a trend on TikTok and has resulted in some dangerous, and even fatal, situations. Keeping that in mind, this trick is best used in outdoor pools only. Additionally, it should be made very clear that no one will be using the pool that night. It simply isn’t safe.

This Halloween pool party technique is best used if the party is indoors, away from the water. After all, a massive buildup of released carbon dioxide can be very dangerous.

A Safer Fog Solution

For a safer option, we recommend using a fog machine. Besides the dangers of touching dry ice, if someone slips under the water in the fog, it’s possible that no one will even notice. It isn’t worth the risk. Instead, try to hide a fog machine out of sight and use it to create a similar atmosphere. Just be sure to keep it away from the water. Remember that electricity and water do not mix!

Finishing with a Safe Halloween Pool Party

Besides a bit of fog and some fun decorations, throwing a Halloween pool party is not very different from any other type of pool party. The safety of your guests must be paramount.