Turkey Day DIY: Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Turkey Day DIY: Thanksgiving Safety Tips
While we usually focus on pool and open water safety, we want you and your family to stay safe all year long. Keeping that in mind, here are our Thanksgiving safety tips for this year.

Thanksgiving Safety Tips from Pool Fence DIY

Stay in the Kitchen While Cooking

Perhaps this is the most important of all Thanksgiving safety tips: we urge you to never abandon your post while cooking. Accidents in the kitchen are actually quite common. This is especially true for any homes with young children running wild. As any parent can attest, kids can be quite curious. More often than not, they don’t have much care for their own personal safety.

With that said, don’t step away from your hot oven. Little hands love to grab, and they rarely think about consequences until it is too late. Additionally, keep any hot plates away from the edge of the counters.

Knives and Other Sharp Worries

Going hand-in-hand with the last safety tip, be sure to keep a close eye on any loose knives or sharp cooking utensils. Just like with the lava-hot food items, kids will always seem to reach for the most dangerous possible items at the worst moments. Active supervision is a must for any crowded Thanksgiving party.

Don’t Forget the Pool

Believe it or not, pool safety should stay top of mind, even during a November holiday! In warmer climates the pool may still be open. However, even in the colder areas, a pool owner should be wary of their closed pool. A child or pet can easily make their way from inside the house to inside the pool in a matter of minutes. Beyond these Thanksgiving safety tips, we’ve written several posts about pool safety during the colder months. Additionally, if you’ve closed your pool, take a look at this handy blog post to see if there’s anything you may want to recheck or reinforce.

Above all, make sure your pool fence is properly installed and locked. A barrier like this one can be invaluable for helping to keep curious kids and pets out of the dangerous water. As always, we recommend using “layers of protection,” including pool alarms and high door locks to help prevent a tragedy.

Choking Hazard

We’ve talked quite a bit about CPR training on this blog. Being properly trained can easily help to save a life during an emergency. Since Thanksgiving safety tips, let’s talk turkey!  You should take time to familiarize yourself with the Heimlich Maneuver. Big dinners are an excuse to catch up with loved ones over tons of food… but that can easily lead to accidental choking. In a case like this, be ready to spring into action with the Heimlich Maneuver.

Be Wary of Drinking and Driving

When it comes to holiday revelry, many people have a tendency to overdo it with alcohol consumption. Many times, that’s not a big deal. However, just as alcohol and swimming are a terrible mix… so are drinking and driving. Drunk driving kills 10,000 people in the United States each year.

If you are hosting the party, it is your responsibility to make sure that everyone gets home safely. Once every guest arrives, make sure that everyone has selected a designated driver. To avoid confusion, collect everyone’s keys before the party begins. With this plan in action, you’ll be able to stop your loved ones from getting behind the wheel of the car. Otherwise, that can have deadly results for them or someone else.

That’s about it for our Thanksgiving safety tips. Have a very happy Thanksgiving!