The Benefits of Swim Training with a Kickboard

The Benefits of Swim Training with a Kickboard
Swimming is great, but it’s time to talk about the benefits of swim training with a kickboard. If you’ve ever played at a public pool or been to camp, chances are you’ve seen these handy devices before. These foam rubber floating boards are great for kids and adults alike. This is especially true while you’re exercising. Swim training with a kickboard can really improve your strength and ability.

Swimming is Extremely Healthy

Before we get to the kickboards, remember that swimming is an enormously healthy exercise. It’s great for your heart and your joints. Swimming provides a terrific cardiovascular health boost. Aside from cardio, it works your entire body at once and burns lots of calories. Not only that, but it is also very low impact on your joints. This is beneficial over jogging, which can put a lot of pressure of your spine. So even if you have painful joints, swimming is an excellent choice for exercising.

Why Swim Training with a Kickboard is Helpful

Beyond standard swimming, swim training with a kickboard can provide some wonderful extra benefits to your workout.

Whereas swimming without a kickboard works all your muscles, swimming with this handy device can really help to build up your leg muscles in particular. . While using your legs to kick yourself around the water with the board, you’ll really be able to develop some powerful and lean leg muscles. Additionally, working on your legs in the water helps you to avoid other high-impact activities that can hurt your knees and joints. What’s more, swim training with a kickboard can also give your shoulders a much needed break.

Swimming with a kickboard can help you develop better control while swimming, making you a better swimmer. Drowning is a serious concern whenever someone is in or near the water. Being a strong swimmer can help to reduce your risk.

Balance and Breathing

Balance and breathing are other benefits for the kickboard. For example, kickboards are great for swimmers who are struggle for air while swimming. Though it is not a proper floatation device, the buoyancy of the kickboard should help to keep your head above the water. This can greatly help swimmers who usually twist and strain to catch their breath. That light floating can also add balance, allowing a swimmer to focus less on staying afloat during exercise.

Exercise Kickboard Caution

Of course, it’s not all good news about kickboards. As we mentioned earlier, a kickboard is not a proper floatation device. Instead, it should be treated like any other pool toy. Fun and useful, but not designed to save lives. For proper protection from drowning, you’ll want to use a U.S. Coast Guard certified life jacket. These life jackets have been rigorously tested using tried and true safety standards. To learn more about choosing a proper life jacket, read our dedicated blog post.

Always Use Proper Swimming Form

Now, when swim training with a kickboard, it is still crucial to maintain proper swimming form. Otherwise, you may strain or injure your neck during strenuous exercise. Taking swimming lessons is the best way to learn to maintain proper technique.

Finally, while we’re talking about technique, be careful with those kicks! Because you’ll likely be kicking at the water and off the walls, it’s very possible to get overzealous. If you don’t notice another person in the water, you might accidentally kick them. Always check your surroundings before you start kicking!