Summer Drowning: Most Drowning Deaths Occur Between May and August

Summer Drowning: Most Drowning Deaths Occur Between May and August
On this blog, it is our duty to point out serious risks of drowning danger. To this end, summer drowning is among the most dangerous. Did you know that, on average, two-thirds of drowning deaths happen between May and August?

It’s true, and it makes sense. More people are in the water during the warmer months. This blog often covers summer safety topics. It should come as no surprise that more people in the water can lead to more danger.

Summer Drowning Danger

A frequent talking point among water safety experts is how drowning is one of the most common causes of death for children four and under. Beyond this, a report from Safe Kids Worldwide estimates that 800 children drown in the United States each year.

As we mentioned above, the grand majority of these drowning incidents happen between the months of May and August. Summer drowning danger is nothing to take lightly. In the United States, the summer months are typically thought of as “pool season.” Of course, whenever it gets warm enough to take off that pool cover, it is time to swim. There’s never a time that is danger-free, but when the pool is open, parents and guardians should take extra precautions.

Swimming Safety Starts with Precautions

While swimming is a terrific exercise and a great way to beat the heat, there is plenty of risk that can lead to summer drowning. The fact is, many drownings occur right under a guardian’s nose. According to research from the National Drowning Prevention Alliance, 23 percent of child drownings happen during a family gathering near a pool. Even worse, adults are often remarkably close to the danger when it happens.

There are lots of reasons for this, but one of the biggest is that drowning is often quite silent. It is not like what we assume from television or movies. There is rarely any thrashing or screaming. Often a victim simply slips under the waves, silently. Even worse, it happens in mere moments.

To learn more about this horrifying but all-too-common phenomenon, read our full blog post about how drownings often happen while the family is nearby.

Steps to Summer Safety

Another reason for children drowning when adults are nearby is a lack of proper adult supervision. First and foremost, active supervision should always be employed. This means that a responsible adult guardian should always keep a close eye on any children in the water.

Beyond this, summer drowning safety should include layers of protection:

  1. Install locks on any doors or windows that lead to the pool area.
  2. Add alarms on those doors and windows as well should provide an audio alert if someone is in danger.
  3. Install a DIY mesh pool fence. This fence should be at least four feet in height. For even better defense, the fence should include a self-closing, self-latching gate.
  4. Swimming lessons are important for everyone in the family, no matter the age. You are never too old or too young to learn how to swim.

Finally, if a child is missing, be sure to check the pool or hot tub first. Since drowning happens so quickly, the first place that should be checked is the water. There is often no time to waste.