Staying Safe this Labor Day

Staying Safe this Labor Day
Labor Day is upon us! Each year, this holiday marks an unofficial end to the summer swimming season. That’s a shame, but there’s no need to fret. That just means it’s one more chance for a big pool bash, so there is no reason to stop celebrating in the sun yet.

Today, let’s go over some of the great water safety advice we have learned since our 2018 article!

Stay Safe in the Sun

Summer may be coming to a close… but don’t tell the sun. That flaming ball in the sky is cooking just as hot as ever. All the outdoor fun of a Labor Day party can bring potential health risks. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the sun’s ultraviolet, or UV, rays can cause skin damage to a person in as little as 15 minutes. For this reason, everyone should remember to properly apply sunscreen.

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Diving Can Be Dangerous

If you’re taking a dip, be extra careful when it comes to diving. After all, diving can be a deceptively risky activity. You may never know what’s lurking below the surface of the water. If you are hopping in head first, you are risking a potentially major head or neck injury. In shallow water, a swimmer can suffer severe consequences, including paralysis or even death.

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Use a Pool Fence with a Self-Latching Gate

Obviously, we’re big fans of pool fences. After all, these safety barriers offer major protection to your guests and even your pets. They’re sturdy enough to withstand the elements and curious hands, and tall enough to prevent kids from climbing over.

A self-closing pool gate might be one of the most important additions to your home. Offering effortless peace of mind, this purposefully designed gate will automatically shut behind you. Now there isn’t any need to manually lock up each and every time you exit or enter the pool area.

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Surf Safely

Depending on where you live, Labor Day could involve a fair amount of surfing. That’s great, but it’s critical that you keep safety in mind while you’re catching a few waves. Not respecting the danger of powerful riptides can spell disaster for any celebration. To help keep your surfing experience as thrilling as possible, read our dedicated blog about surfing safety!

Labor Day Also Means Hurricane Season

Unfortunately, hurricane season is also in full force during Labor Day. In fact, as you read this, Florida is currently facing a major weather advisory. When it comes to hurricanes, it pays to be prepared. To best protect your family, it’s crucial to develop a hurricane disaster plan ahead of time. Then, be sure that each and every member of your family understands what to do. Obviously, that goes double for young children. Be sure to discuss the plan with the entire family. For even better results, practice running through the steps periodically.

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Above all, we want you to have a great time and stay safe this Labor Day. By taking proper precautions, everyone should have a wonderful time. Now get out there and celebrate!