Shower Safety for Seniors

Shower Safety for Seniors
Water danger comes in many forms. Besides the pool or hot tub, the bathroom can often be quite dangerous. Today, we’re sharing some tips about shower safety for seniors.

Understanding Shower Safety for Seniors

According to the National Institutes of Health, roughly 80 percent of all falls for seniors occur in the bathroom. Of these, many of them take place in the shower. A slippery wet floor or a stumble can spell disaster for older folks. Here are a few ways to consider shower safety for seniors:

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

First things first, there is no reason to rush through a shower. Far too many bathroom-related accidents occur due to rushing or carelessness. To help eliminate this risk, the best advice related to shower safety for seniors is to simply take it slow. When getting into or out of the shower, there’s not reason to hurry.

Take your time turning on and off the faucets. Then, take a moment to carefully enter the shower area. Buzzing through a bath is an unnecessary risk. Like the old adage says: slow and steady wins the race.

Dry the Floor

Beyond taking it slow, the best way to eliminate slips or falls is to simply dry the floor as much as possible. A wet floor, especially a tile floor, can be quite slippery. As you might expect, this is a major safety hazard.

Instead, use plenty of towels to keep the floor as dry as possible. Our advice for hot tub safety can also apply to the bath tub area. Additionally, don’t forget to set up your shower curtain inside the tub to avoid excess water from leaking onto the floor.

Add Grab Bars and Safety Mats

Next, here’s another great way to eliminate falls. Installing grab bars in your shower can offer some excellent balance and support. Having something to hold onto is a great tip for shower safety for seniors. Beyond this, consider adding a non-slip floor mat to your shower. It can help prevent falls while you are bathing.

Water Shoes Add Stability

Speaking of non-slip surfaces, water shoes can be a huge help for seniors. These shoes are great for water parks and the beach, but can also help at home. They improve traction and help to prevent unnecessary loss of footing.

To learn more, read our detailed article about water shoes.

Keep Bath Supplies Close at Hand

While in the shower, try to eliminate any excess movement. This means keeping shampoos, soaps and lotions close at hand. Having everything within arms reach can reduce the risk of reaching across the shower area for specific items during a hot, slippery shower.

Try Not to Shower Alone

No pun intended, we’re not being dirty! For any seniors that are at high risk for slipping, it pays to not shower when alone in the house. The worst possible situation is taking a serious fall and being injured… but having no one around to help. For this reason, it is advisable for at-risk individuals to shower only when a caregiver or loved one is nearby. This person will quickly be able to jump to the rescue. When it comes to shower safety for seniors, having someone nearby can be a life saver.