Should You Install a Pet Door?

Should You Install a Pet Door?
We all want the best for our dogs and cats, but should you install a pet door? These door flaps, specially designed for your furry friends, can be very useful. In fact, a pet door is downright convenient for them. It provides quick access to the outdoors. Now they won’t need to wait to be specifically let into the yard. Unfortunately, it also gives them access to your swimming pool if you’re not careful, which can be dangerous to both your pets and children.

Before you decide to install a pet door, let’s go over some of the potential pitfalls.

Focus on Child Safety

Above all, water safety is our primary concern at Pool Fence DIY. We look at every potential safety obstacle so that you and your loved ones will remain safe and avoid tragedy. Unfortunately, when you install a pet door, you are adding a major gap in your home security. Children and pets can both use the door without your knowledge. For instance, a crawling toddler can silently sneak out of the house without you ever realizing it. In homes without a pool fence, they will be able to access the water immediately. Obviously, this is a terrifying and dangerous situation… and it happens far more frequently than most people realize. According to the Safety Research and Strategies website, roughly 75 percent of all pet door incidents result in injury or death.

The solution to this problem involves layers of protection. As we’ve often said on this blog, you should never rely on a single safety measure. Instead, consider adding multiple safety devices, including a pool fence and pool alarms. One of the best ways to protect your kids from finding their way out of the house is to put alarms and locks on the doors and windows. Unfortunately, when you install a pet door, kids can easily bypass many of these locks. To help here, add a submersion alarm to your pool and on your child. These will warn you the moment your little one reaches the water.

Beware of Potential Animal Intruders if you Install a Pet Door

So as you can expect, a pet door is really helpful for your animal friends. That said, an pet door that isn't secure can also be helpful for other animals. This means that you might wake up in the middle of the night to find creatures like raccoons or possums scrounging through your garbage. In fact, there have even been cases where an alligator managed to sneak into a family home.

Of course, all doors are not created equally. Before you install a pet door, be absolutely sure it is designed to help keep out unwanted critters. Carefully read reviews before making a final purchase. The peace of mind of an invader-free home will be its own reward.

Is it Drafty in Here?

If you have an improperly installed or low quality pet door, it can affect your heating bill. After all, one of these can accidentally stay ajar, leaving a gaping hole in your door. This exposes your home to the elements and can allow heat to escape.

Again, the solution is responsible purchasing. A properly installed pet door will be able to close tightly and securely. In this case, the seal will prevent cold or hot air from escaping. These are quite energy efficient. It just requires that the homeowner do the research before making a purchase.