Safely Traveling with Kids

Safely Traveling with Kids
As the world opens back up, people are looking for tips about traveling with kids. That’s good news, because safety is in our name. Read on to learn more about potential dangers and solutions for going on a journey with children.

Safely Traveling with Kids on the Road

In the cold weather, driving can be very dangerous. Roads can be slippery or even covered in a solid sheet of ice. Keeping this in mind, every family should learn about safely traveling with kids in the car.

Put simply, it always pays to learn proper safe driving techniques. This is true during both the colder months and during the summer. When the roads are covered with ice, they can be nearly impossible to manage. Beyond this, heavy snowfall can be terrifying and dangerous for a traveling family.

Basically, stay off the road if you don’t need to be driving. Additionally, pay close attention to traffic laws and weather advisories before heading out. Check on the forecast before heading out. When it comes to traveling safely with kids, extra caution could help to save lives.

Swimming in the Pool

If your family will be staying at a hotel, it always pays to go over basic swimming rules. According to the Center’s for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drowning is one of the most common forms of death for kids four and younger.

When you are staying at a hotel, you have far less control over a pool situation as you might at home. In many ways, a hotel pool is similar to a public community pool. That means you should follow as many extra precautions as possible.

Besides swimming lessons, which every person in your family should have completed, there are other factors to consider. For example, don’t swim in a public pool alone. Always use the “buddy system” when possible to ensure that your child is never by themselves.

Additionally, it is advised that no one swims without a lifeguard present. In a hotel, it is often quite ordinary for there to not be a lifeguard on duty. For parents especially, it is quite important to make sure your children realize the potential danger in this situation and know to avoid it.

Talking Covid

When it comes to safely traveling with kids in 2022, what would this article be without at least an acknowledgement of the pandemic? The information is constantly expanding and updating, so before heading out, it is very important have the latest data about your destination (and even any potential stops in between!). Check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website for up-to-the-minute updates.

Water Park Safety

Even though it is winter, indoor water parks are all the rage. Additionally, there are plenty of warmer climates where outdoor water parks are open for business all year round. When it comes to safely traveling with kids, be sure to exercise proper precautions in water parks.

For example, before heading out, make sure you have a designated meeting place in case the family becomes separated. According to the Global Association for the Attractions Industry, children under 48", non-swimmers, and weak swimmers should all wear a Coast Guard approved life vest. You can learn more about life jackets and other life preservers in our dedicated post.

There are lots of ways to enjoy your vacation, even during the colder months. That said, it pays to plan ahead to help safely traveling with kids. If you have tips to share, be sure to tell us all about it. We’d love to hear from you!