River Drowning Danger

River Drowning Danger
No matter the season, all bodies of water should always be treated as a potential source of trouble. Keeping that in mind, today's blog will cover river drowning danger. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning is one of the major causes of death across the country.

Rivers are beautiful, which makes river rafting a great recreational activity. Still, it is important to take safety precautions. The fact is, no matter how competent the swimmer, accidents can happen.

Flooding Fears

Besides rafting, floods are another terrifying source of river drowning danger. Due to melting snow or inclement weather, water levels may rise significantly faster than many people are prepared for. Remember, if you find yourself near a river or other moving body of water, beware: flooding can occur faster than you may realize.

For example, a flooding situation in California in 2017 caused over 14 deaths. In other states, tragedies occurred as the previously calm waters suddenly rose. Just recently, Hurricane Ian caused flooding and a devastating death toll.

Rescues from River Drowning Danger

In spite of the danger, it is important to remember that there are also stories with positive endings. For example, a family in Louisiana was recently saved from drowning following a car crash near the water. According the news report, the car lost control. The victims, which included two small children, ended up trapped in the water. Two bystanders, Jeff Lapeyrouse and Chase Dupre, witnessed the accident and worked to free the family. In the end, there were no fatalities.

Another recent positive story stems from Oregon, where a woman was rescued from Rock River. First responders saved a woman from a drowning situation near her home. The officials say she was less than 200 feet from the low head dam when they were able to make contact and bring her to shore. After she was rescued from the water, she was transported to a local hospital. Experts say she is on the mend, all thanks to a caller who alerted authorities to the situation.

Beware and Be Prepared 

When it comes to flooding or river drowning danger, the best preparation is education and trepidation. Standing too close to a rushing river can have fatal consequences. Consider taking extra measures if the season has been extremely wet or snowy. This is a situation in which flooding can occur. If it's not absolutely required, avoid taking any unnecessary risks like standing close to the water.

Learning to swim is one of the best things you can do to help assure your own safety. No matter your age, taking swimming lessons is a critical safety measure. Your life may be saved if you know how to float and navigate in the water. This applies to any risk of drowning, including flooding.