Protect Your Phone at the Beach

Protect Your Phone at the Beach
This week, let's take a break from personal safety. Instead, let's talk about how to protect your phone at the beach!

Let’s face it – it’s a tech-fueled world and we want to bring our phones absolutely everywhere with us! After all, how else would you take the perfect vacation-day selfie and post it across all social media platforms? Unfortunately, there’s a problem. It’s pretty tough to keep your phone safe from the elements at the beach. Water, sand and heat can all be harmful to a delicate device like your phone.

Let’s look at how you can take your phone with you to the beach, but also keep it from getting ruined in the process.  Don’t worry, you’ll be taking ‘Gram-worthy photos in no time!

Safety First: Active Supervision

First things first, if you're watching children by the water, they'll absolutely need to be your main priority. Active supervision requires your full attention. In this case, it is best to keep all distractions out of sight and mind, including your phone. Fortunately, this doubles as a foolproof way to protect your phone at the beach!

Prepare Ahead to Protect Your Phone at the Beach 

Back up your data. We hate to say it, but be prepared “just in case.” If your phone gets wet or damaged somehow, you’ll want to make sure all of your data is backed up. You can always get a new phone, but you can’t replace those precious photos or important contacts quite as easily.  Besides, who wants to rebuild the perfect playlist from scratch? 

Don’t Get Your Phone Wet

As you no-doubt realize, water and phones don’t mix. Even if your phone claims to be waterproof, it may not stand up to salty ocean water.  The briny water can have a different affect on your phone than tap water might. Why take the risk?

Instead, make sure you protect your phone at the beach with a waterproof bag or case. For a more budget-friendly option, you can also use a humble sandwich bag. Just make sure it closes tightly.

If your phone gets wet…

Try drying out any excess water from your phone by blowing a hair dryer on your wet device. Just be sure not to overheat it. Medium heat from a few inches distance is perfect. As a last resort, try submerging your phone in dry rice.  These techniques can help to draw out any moisture still in your phone.

Keep Sand Away From Your Phone

Believe it or not, grains of sand can be just as hazardous to your phone as liquid. Anyone who has been to the beach has likely found sand between their toes and in the hair hours later. Those little sand particles are pretty tough to avoid. Similarly, once sand finds your phone, it can make its way in every little inch of it.  You may find sand between your keys, in your phone’s ports or scratching up your camera lens.

Invest in some anti-dust plugs to plug up any unused ports on your phone, like the areas where your earphones or charger plug into. A protective case like the ones mentioned above can help to keep sand away from your phone as well.

If sand gets into your phone…

You can start by shaking your phone to help any sand fall away from it. Barring that, a simple roll of tape can do the trick. Use the sticky side of the tape to lift any sand from the surface of the phone that may otherwise damage or scratch it.

Keep Your Phone Out of Direct Heat

When the temperature of your phone reaches about 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it can overheat. Keep your phone from sitting out in the sun for too long. While we're worried about overheating phones, think about yourself as well. Check out our full article on the value of sunscreen and staying safe from the scorching heat.

If your phone gets too hot…

If your phone begins to overheat, remove it from the sun and place it in a cool, shady spot.  You can even put it in a cooler, as long as the cooler is dry. This will help the device to cool down more quickly.

Now that you know how to keep your phone protected and safe, go have fun. We’ll be on the lookout for your Instagram posts!