Pool Safety for Grandchildren

Pool Safety for Grandchildren
When the grandkids come to visit, this is a wonderful occasion. That said, there are certain responsibilities that grandparents and guardians should heed. When expecting these precious visitors, pool safety for grandchildren should always remain top of mind.

Pool Safety for Grandchildren Starts with Ground Rules

From the moment everyone arrives, the first order of business should be to lay out some ground rules. Pool safety for grandchildren begins in the house, before anyone even thinks of wandering out toward the water.

Safety begins by establishing some clear pool safety rules. Everyone must agree to these rules. Children should also demonstrate that they can remember and understand these rules. Every home is different, so these rules may change or vary.

To get started, here are some basic rules for grandparents to consider:

  • No running around the pool area.
  • No diving.
  • Roughhousing is not allowed.
  • Don’t enter the pool without an adult present.

For more tips, feel free to read our detailed blog about establishing clear pool safety rules.

Active Adult Supervision is Crucial

Setting up rules is great advice, but it is only step one. Of course, these rules must be enforced by an actively supervising adult.

Sadly, research often shows that the majority of at-home pool drownings or near-drownings occurred while the parents were in or around the house. In many of these instances, a guardian may have even been in the pool area with the child.

That is why we stress active supervision. Drowning can occur much more quickly than many of us realize. It is often quite silent as well. If a child goes missing, the first place to check will always be the water. Once you are sure the missing little one isn’t in the water, it is time to search the rest of the house. Pool safety for grandchildren (or any children) requires vigilance.

Swimming Lessons and CPR

Preparation can be key when it comes to pool safety for grandchildren. Swimming lessons offer valuable survival skills to swimmers of all ages. While grandparents won’t have much control of this during the child’s visit, they can suggest this step to parents ahead of time. This blog post can give you more information about finding appropriate swimming lessons and more.

Besides swimming, being CPR certified can help to save lives. Every adult should have this skill. In the event of a terrible accident, a properly trained person could save the life of someone who ends up in a drowning situation.

Install a Pool Fence

Above all, the pool area should be properly secured. Pool safety for grandchildren includes keeping them away from the water when no one is looking. As we mentioned above, children can find their way out to the pool area even if you are all indoors. A tall sturdy mesh pool fence can completely prevent access to the pool area. Keep an eye out for "tension-based support," which is an indicator of a strong mesh that can’t be ripped when pressure is applied.

Finally, don’t just install a fence as your only safety precaution. Here are some other measures that grandparents can use:

  • Install locks and/or an alarm on any doors and windows that lead to your pool fence.
  • Include an additional alarm inside the pool in case someone makes their way into the water despite previous security measures.