National Anti-Boredom Month: Embrace the Summer Fun

National Anti-Boredom Month: Embrace the Summer Fun

 Have you heard of National Anti-Boredom Month? Well, it takes place this very month, in July.  This annual observance aims to help folks enjoy the heat in fun, innovative ways. It is also the perfect time to combat boredom as most kids are home from school and looking for things to do.

For obvious reasons, this blog post will focus on fun water activities for National Anti-Boredom Month!

What is National Anti-Boredom Month? 

Reportedly founded by Alan Caruba, this month-long celebration aims to make the most of the post-Independence Day lull and the scorching summer break. Among other career notes, Caruba was the founder of The National Anxiety Center. The point of National Anti-Boredom Month is to explore the concept of boredom, what causes it, and ways to combat this feeling.

Understanding Boredom

In a nutshell, boredom is often linked to having nothing to do. Of course, that's not always the case. Sometimes, we have plenty of tasks at hand, but they fail to stimulate our minds. Repetitive or unchallenging activities can leave us feeling irritable, fatigued, and indifferent. As a result, we may seek out stimulation to alleviate our boredom.

With that in mind, let’s talk about National Anti-Boredom Month and look at some suggestions on how to fight the summer doldrums. There’s still plenty of time to make this July (and beyond!) a time of excitement and exploration!

Exploring Some Fun Water Activities for Kids

To make National Anti-Boredom Month even more exciting, let's explore six water-related activities that will keep kids entertained and refreshed during the summer heat.

Water Balloon Piñata 

Fill a bunch of colorful water balloons and hang them from a tree branch. Blindfold the participants. Next, give them a stick to burst the balloons. It's a thrilling game that guarantees laughter and splashes of water.

Slip and Slide

Set up a DIY water slide (or store-bought Slip and Slides, as they’re often called) using a tarp, a hose, and some dish soap. This budget-friendly activity will provide endless hours of fun. That said, misuse can also result in injuries. So be sure to read our detailed post about the potential dangers of Slip and Slides.


Rubber Ducky Race

Grab a few rubber duckies and create a mini racing course in a large container filled with water or a shallow stream. Release the ducks and cheer on your favorite as they race to the finish line.

rubber duckies

Sprinkler Water Limbo 

Set up a sprinkler and turn it into a limbo challenge. Kids can take turns passing under the water spray as it gradually lowers. The last one standing wins! Just be careful not to play too rough!

Ice Cube Treasure Hunt

Freeze small treasures, like coins or small toys, inside ice cubes. Hide them in a kiddie pool filled with water and let the kids go on a treasure hunt. They'll have a blast as they wait for the ice to melt and reveal the hidden treasures. Another great approach is to practice hand-eye coordination by having the kids use a water dropper to slowly melt the ice themselves.

Floating Art

Provide each participant with a large piece of cardboard or foam board and an assortment of waterproof art supplies such as markers, crayons, and paint. Let their creativity flow as they create stunning artwork while floating in a pool or on a calm lake. It's a unique and relaxing activity that combines artistry and water play.

Excitement is in the Imagination 

As you can see, alleviating boredom doesn’t have to break the budget. With a bit of ingenuity, there’s fun to be had for every family. Just remember to prioritize safety while engaging in water activities.

Always supervise children, follow proper swimming precautions, and ensure age-appropriate equipment and supervision. It’s important to note that even kiddie pools need this same supervision.


As National Anti-Boredom Month encourages us to break free from monotony, let's embrace the opportunity to explore exciting activities that engage our minds and bodies. So, let this July be a month of adventure, laughter, and water-filled memories!