Install a Pool Alarm for Extra Safety

Install a Pool Alarm for Extra Safety
Water safety doesn’t stop with swimming lessons and pool fences. It takes layers of protection to truly secure your pool. For this reason, we recommend that every pool owner install a pool alarm.

What are Pool Alarms?

This may seem like an obvious question, but there are actually a wide variety of alarm options. Choosing the right fit can be tricky, but it can truly be a life saving decision.

As it turns out, 86% of drowned children are discovered fully clothed. In most cases, this means that the child got out of the house on their own and found their way into the pool area. This has horrifying implications about the safety of our swimming pools. Hopefully tragic statistics like these will lead more homeowners to install a pool alarm.

In most cases, we actually recommend using multiple alarms in different locations. In the next section, we’ll talk about several different varieties.

Using Immersion Alarms

Before you install an alarm, what if we told you there was an alarm that could be worn right on your child or pet’s body. That’s just how an immersion alarm works. True to its name, if the alarm becomes immersed in water, it will sound. This piercing noise will alert any nearby adults of the danger at hand.

Installing Alarms on Doors and Windows

Beyond alarms for people, there are plenty of alarms that can be used on your doors and windows. These alarms attach to any area that could provide a child with access to the pool area. Basically, if the door or window is opened, the alarm will produce a loud sound. Just like the immersion alarms, these should be treated as a call to action for any nearby adults. Install a pool alarm on any access point that could lead to this potential danger.

Working Together: Install a Pool Alarm and a Pool Fence

As we mentioned earlier, it’s important to install multiple layers of protection in your home. For example, don’t just use a single pool alarm. Instead, install several pool alarms. Together, these will widen your home safety net.

Beyond this, it’s always important to have a responsible adult watching kids at all times. As we discussed above, far too many kids slip off and get into trouble while no one is watching. Active supervision is critical. Of course, no one can keep unbroken attention on their children for 24 hours a day. That’s why alarms and fences are a wonderful backup to your supervision. Many children have been found floating dead in the pool after just a few short minutes of disappearing from sight. A momentary loss of attention can bring fatal results.

Pool fences can really help to provide some extra protection. Besides setting ground rules for kids, which can hopefully dissuade them from exploring the pool area, a pool fence is an essential addition to any home swimming pool or hot tub.

When it comes to safety, a properly installed pool fence works as a powerful barrier, keeping little ones and curious pets away from the dangerous water. To properly prevent tragedies, any pool fence should be strong enough to withstand a child or pet’s attempts to push it over, and tall enough to stop them from climbing over it.

When you install a pool alarm and fence together, they provide much more needed protection for your home. It pays to think ahead and always keep safety top of mind.