Why Install a Pet Fence?

Why Install a Pet Fence?
If you own a pool or a hot tub, should you install a pet fence? When it comes to safety, the answer is absolutely. Our pets are part of our families and a properly installed pet pool fence can save their little furry lives.

What is a Pet Fence?

Much like a pool fence, a DIY pet fence is designed to block unwanted entry into your pool. That said, unlike a pool fence, which is designed to protect for both people and pets, this tool is a bit more specialized.

A pet fence from Pool Fence DIY is designed to be easily customizable. Put simply, it can be adapted to fit around your pool or hot tub. The Pet Fence DIY mesh pool safety system from Life Saver helps to protect against accidental falls into your pool and can be installed by the owner. There is no reason to call for a contractor. That’s the convenience of a DIY fence.

This black, 12-foot long section of fence has a 2-foot height to help make your backyard pool area a safer place for small pets. The fence can be removed when no pets are present.

You can read more about our brand and the DIY pet fence at this link.

Install a Pet Fence for Safety

Above all, let’s talk about a common myth. Frankly, far too many people believe that their pets can naturally swim. This is often not the case. Even dogs, the original inventors of “dog paddling” are not natural swimmers.

Therefore, falling into the water can be quite dangerous for a curious dog or other pet. When it comes to installing a pet fence, that height factor we mentioned earlier is crucial. The fence should be easy for adults to remove, but high enough to deter a pet from hopping over into the water.

This happens more than many of us realize. According to reports from veterinarians and law enforcement, it is estimated that about 5,000 family pets drown in their own swimming pools every year. Obviously, this is a tragic situation. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to prevent these needless deaths.

When properly installed, a DIY pool fence for dogs is one of the most common and effective ways to help secure your pool area.

Strong & Durable Mesh

Ideally, the fence needs to be sturdy enough to prevent little (or big!) paws from knocking it over. If it is easy to break through its mesh, your pool fence can only protect you and your pet for so long.

Additionally, you want the fence to be strong enough to face natural elements and weather. The DIY pet pool fence is constructed of industrial-strength Textilene PVC-coated nylon mesh, which has a strength rating of 387 pounds per square inch. The UV-resistant mesh provides years of use in all weather conditions.

Remove the Fence When Not Needed

When it comes to keeping your pet safe, a do-it-yourself removable pool fence can be invaluable. When your dogs and kids are safely out of the picture, you can quickly and easily remove a section of the fence, or even the entire thing. Now you’re free to party with the adults, but you can still feel secure since you can easily replace the fence at any moment.

Additional Safety Measures for Pets

A pet fence can help to save lives, but it is even better when combined with multiple layers of drowning protection. First, consider giving your pet some swimming lessons. That’s right, there are swimming lessons for dogs. Check with your local listings to see where they are available in your area.

Next, we heartily recommend training your pet on how to both enter and exit the water. Knowing how to use the stairs to escape can prevent a needless tragedy.

Finally, always engage in active supervision. Keep a close eye on your pet when you're outdoors. This can help to keep them safe if they’re playing in or near the water. Combined with these safety measures, a pet fence, and some pool alarms, your furry friends will be in good hands.