What are Infant Swim Diapers?

What are Infant Swim Diapers?
We’ve talked about life jackets in the past, but have you heard of infant swim diapers? If you’re a parent of a very little one, these are an important aspect of basic swimming safety. You see, swim diapers are both fun and functional. They feature cute and colorful patterns to catch a child’s curious eye, but they can also help to prevent potential health risks.

Read on to learn more about the importance of infant swim diapers.

Keep The Water Safe for Everyone with Infant Swim Diapers

Believe it or not, infant swim diapers are pretty important. These safety devices help to keep everyone in your pool safe and sound, not just your little one. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even recommends that all public swimming locations require their use.

So what’s the difference between regular diapers and infant swim diapers? Well, for one, regular diapers typically sag when they’re wet. Meanwhile, swim diapers are built to specifically withstand the water with minimal absorption. In practical terms, this means swim diapers will prevent a child from being weighed down by the extra bulk of a fully swollen diaper.

When using infant swim diapers, you are helping to prevent the spread of bacteria. With a regular diaper, any infant “accidents” can infect the water around them. Conversely, an infant swim diaper helps everyone to avoid illness by limiting everyone’s exposure to harmful pathogens. Once you try these diapers, you’ll see how they keep all manner of urine and fecal material from reaching the nearby air or water.

How Do Swim Diapers Work?

In a practical sense, infant swim diapers work about the same as regular diapers. These come in two varieties: disposable and reusable. Whichever type and brand you use is a matter of personal preference. Disposable diapers attach at the side of the hip, making them easier to remove in case of an accident. Once soiled, they can easily be thrown away. Reusable diapers on the other hand can be washed in your home washing machine and repeatedly re-worn by the child. No matter which variety you choose, check with your public pool. Depending on the rules of each pool, there may be specific regulations for authorized diapers.

Changing is Still Mandatory

The design of infant swim diapers aims to avoid taking on too much excess liquid.  Even so, they still need to be frequently changed! If they aren’t changed, they cannot totally prevent exposure to bacteria. Put simply, these diapers are great for preventing the spread of bacteria to the water, but only for a limited time. Therefore, it is important to stay vigilant and check your child’s diaper as usual. If you’re heading to the pool, be sure to have plenty of extra diapers on hand. It’s the safest decision for your child, and for everyone else in the pool. After all, keeping the water of a private or public swimming pool clean for everyone is key for a fun day of swimming.