How to Customize Your Do It Yourself Pool Safety Fence

How to Customize Your Do It Yourself Pool Safety Fence
The great thing about a Do It Yourself pool safety fence is that you can modify it to fit your own specific needs. At Pool Fence DIY, safety is always at the forefront. However, we also value convenience. We know our customers do, too! There are so many ways to customize your fence.

Today, let's explore some of the best methods to create the perfect fence for your home.

Customize Your Do It Yourself Pool Safety Fence

Your DIY pool fence should be designed to fit your home and lifestyle. Luckily, there are accessories to help you make your fence as safe and convenient. Since we aim to make your Do It Yourself pool safety fence as easy to use as possible, it can be modified if needed.

Shorten your fence.

Truthfully, a 12-foot-long fence may be a bit too tall for a lot of people's needs. To make your gate shorter, simply cut the mesh to its desired length. There are even finishing edges available to truly personalize your fence.

Install your fence on any type of yard.

Typically, you will use a stainless steel peg to install a pool fence. However, some yards are constructed from different materials. A simple dirt sleeve and cap can be used to install this steel peg into dirt, concrete, tiles, and more.

Don’t drill new holes!

If you already have holes from an older pool fence, there is no need to drill additional holes into your yard! To accommodate these pre-existing marks, try a DIY conversion sleeve. As you can probably guess, this sleeve allows you to convert already-drilled holes for use with your new and improved Do It Yourself pool safety fence.

Add some fun for your furry friend.

Your Do It Yourself pool safety fence can even be used as a pet barrier!  You love to keep your kids safe and happy, don't forget to keep your pooch in good spirits too! This barrier works even if you don’t own a pool. Ideally, you will use the available dirt spikes on concrete to create your secure dog fence.

Remove your fence.

In our last blog, we explained the value of a removable pool fence. As you can imagine, there may be times when you simply don’t need to have a pool fence installed. When the kids or pets are away, you can easily remove your DIY fence. Then, replace it when your pool area requires additional protection. In fact, it only takes 15 minutes to remove and store your fence. It couldn't be easier!

So there you have it. A customizable Do It Yourself pool safety fence will help any customer to install the right barrier for their yard. You won’t need to part with safety for the sake of convenience.