Hotel Swimming Safety

Hotel Swimming Safety
In the summer, people love to travel. Of course, that means hotels -- and with hotels often comes pools and hot tubs. To this end, let’s discuss hotel swimming safety tips that can help the entire family.

Drowning, Hygiene and More: Hotel Swimming Safety

On the whole, water safety is quite important to everyone on this website. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning is one of the most common causes of accidental death for children under four. Even beyond this age, drowning is still quite dangerous.

No matter how young or old you are, it pays to take extra care to avoid water hazards. Beyond the possibility of drowning, hygiene should also be a concern. When traveling, remember that a lot of people will be using the hotel pool and hot tub. After all, who knows when it was last cleaned?

When possible, be sure to clean a Jacuzzi before stepping into it. Personal hygiene tips are great for hotel swimming safety as well as for back home. To start, remember that chlorine is a not a cure-all for germs. In fact, there can still be any number of viruses and bacteria floating in communal waters.

To this end, we always recommend showering before you swim. People often don’t realize how much oil, sweat and bodily fluids they may be carrying on their bodies. These can get into the water and spread to other swimmers. Think of your fellow swimmers before hopping into a pool. That goes for children and adults alike.

Additionally, don’t ever enter the pool with open wounds or sores. Even if you are wearing bandages, the bodily fluids can still leak into the water and infect others. A hallmark of hotel swimming safety is to be kind and considerate of your fellow swimmers before stepping into the water.

Be Careful When Diving

Hotel pools are often quite a bit larger than our home pools. This means they may even have a diving board. Just as it is at home, diving danger is key to hotel swimming safety. The water may not be as deep as you expect. Additionally, there could be other swimmers underneath the diving board. Be careful and don’t overestimate your abilities. After all, a diving injury could end up causing lifelong paralysis or ever death. To learn more, read our full blog about diving danger.

Lifeguards Can Save Your Life!

The number-one rule of hotel swimming safety is to think ahead. Proper planning can help you and your family to avoid possible calamities. For example, never swim without a lifeguard present. Even if you are confident in your swimming abilities, accidents can, and often do, happen.

In such a scenario, you will be glad that a trained lifeguard is on duty. Having a professional active supervisor who is certified in CPR can save you or a loved one’s life. Furthermore, parents should take extra care to make sure children aren’t wandering towards unprotected pools or beaches. Preventing water danger is every person’s responsibility. Even when we are on vacation!