Halloween Safety Tips for a Safe Night

Halloween Safety Tips for a Safe Night
It’s Halloween!  With that, comes a whole lot of fun. Ghosts, goblins, witches and candy.

In the midst of all that excitement, it’s easy to throw caution to the wind and let your guard slip. The truth is, there are still safety issues you need to take into account when you head out with your kids for some trick-or-treating enjoyment. Beyond talking about the value of DIY removable pool safety fences, we're deeply concerned with keeping children safe. We've tackled holidays like Labor Day before, but let's discuss the spookiest night of the year!

Today, Pool Fence DIY aims to help you embrace the fun and avoid the scares. Prepare for your night out with the Halloween safety tips included in this blog post. Hopefully, ghosts and goblins will be the only things you have to worry about!

5 Halloween Safety Tips for Your Night Out

  1. Safety in Numbers –

On a crowded night like Halloween, it’s best to travel in groups. This often means that there are multiple adults keeping track of the children.  More sets of eyes are better than one! Just be sure that you are always actively watching the kids. It’s easy to get distracted by conversations, phone calls and checking out the other costumes.

  1. Light up the Night –

Make sure your kids are armed with flashlights so they can find their way around, especially if they get lost. As it gets further into the night, these will definitely come in handy.

  1. Stand Out in the Crowd –

Active supervision is always important. Help your children to choose costumes that stand out in a large gathering.  Bright colors will make it easier for you to locate your kids when it gets crowded, just in case you temporarily lose sight of them.

  1. Stick to the Sidewalks –

It may be more difficult than usual for drivers to navigate the roads when costumed kids (and adults) are wandering the streets.  Instead, stick to areas of your neighborhood that have sidewalks and only travel on those. When you do need to cross the street, don’t assume the driver’s full attention.  If sidewalks aren’t accessible near you, stay to the edge of the road. As an extra precaution, reflective tape on your kids’ costumes will make certain that they are noticeable to a driver in the dark.

  1. Assess Your Kids’ Candy Stash –

At the end of the night, look through your child’s trick-or-treating “wins” to be sure that everything is safe to be ingested. For unwrapped candies, loose treats, homemade treats, and anything that may conflict with their allergies.

Keep these Halloween safety tips in mind when you go out this year and every year. Doing so will help to ensure a Halloween night free from any “tricks” and only filled with fun.  So go out tonight and build family memories for a lifetime!