Fall Safety Tips for Seniors

Fall Safety Tips for Seniors
As we enter the fall, there is change in the air. But we aren’t just talking about the color of the leaves. As it turns out, there are many new ways for seniors to run into trouble, both in and out of the water. Read on for some Fall Safety Tips for Seniors.

Use Caution in the Hot Tub

Depending on where you live, the pools are likely closed due to cooler weather. Of course, lots of folks keep their hot tubs open all year around. Now, hot tubs can be great, but there are definitely some specific safety tips for seniors to keep in mind it comes to hot tubs.

First of all, while hot tubs are not inherently unsafe for older people, there is still a possibility that a dip in a hot tub can be dangerous. Be sure to speak with your doctor before taking a dip. After all, the intense heat, or even the sudden chill that comes from stepping out of the water, can lead to cardiac issues. As always, the best advice is to consult a medical professional. These experts will be able to give you detailed answers about the hot tub and any other health questions.

Slip and Fall Safety Tips for Seniors

The next fall safety tip for seniors can happen getting out of a hot tub or simply walking on a sidewalk in the colder weather. Slipping and falling can be very dangerous. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), falls were the leading cause of injury for older Americans in 2016. This is true not only for seniors but for people of all ages. Every person should take extra care to avoid falls.

When you’re near the hot tub or deck, be aware that the floor or ground can be deceptively slippery. Be sure to wear water shoes while walking to and from a hot tub. As we age, many people develop mobility or balance issues. After a fall, the injuries can also be more serious for seniors as well. When walking through leaves or taking the stairs on a cold morning, be sure to take it slow and wear proper footwear.

Above all, as the temperature drops, it is a good idea to purchase high quality waterproof and slip-resistant footwear. Leaves, ice, puddles… all of these can spell danger. Even inside the home, this is a serious hazard. The CDC reports that slipping on wet floors is one of the most common household hazards.

It is better to be prepared. To learn more about fall prevention, read our full blog about slipping on wet floors.

Preparing Your Home for the Cold

One of the better fall safety tips for seniors is to get ready for the winter as early as possible. While the weather is still moderate, it is a good time to give your temperature equipment a good inspection. This means being sure to check that your thermostat, heating unit and furnace are all properly maintained and operational. It is better to find out about any maintenance issues earlier in the season rather than to be at the mercy of the elements during a terrible blizzard.

Additionally, don’t forget to check your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms. Again, simple checks can keep danger at bay. Stay safe this season and pass on these fall safety tips for seniors.