DIY Party Planning: Tips for a Safe New Year’s Eve!

DIY Party Planning: Tips for a Safe New Year’s Eve!
Planning a party to ring in 2019? Here are Pool Fence DIY’s tips for a happy, healthy and, above all, safe New Year’s Eve!

Keep it Cozy If You’re Hosting New Year’s Eve at Home

New Year’s Eve is a great time to reconnect with close friends and loved ones. Rather than planning a major event, why not keep it close to home? After all, if your home works for Labor Day and Halloween, it’s a great idea to keep the tradition going!

Your home may not be able to fit everyone you know, but in a way that can be better. A smaller party is easier to manage!

Skip the Meal!

One of the best things about New Year’s Eve parties is that they start later than usual affairs. For this reason, you can expect most of your guests to have eaten before they arrive. That’s a big money saver… and it cuts down on a lot of cleanup.

Most importantly, not having to cook means that you won’t need to fire up the oven all night. Cooking on a hot stove in a crowded house can easily lead to burns and fire hazards. Little ones especially love to explore. Nothing ruins a party faster than an injured child. So, if at all possible, try to keep the cooking to a minimum.

If you are going to be preparing food, be absolutely sure that your oven is always being watched. It can be remarkably easy for a host to become distracted. On New Year’s Eve especially, safety should always come first. We recommend assigning someone to keep an eye on the kitchen each and every time you need to run out of the room.

Speaking of Fire…

Fire and crowds are a dangerous mix. For this reason, a New Year’s Eve party probably isn’t the best time to light the fireplace. Additionally, skip the candles. While they can help create a festive ambiance, these can easily tip over and set your home ablaze. If possible, consider using battery-operated flameless candles. They provide almost as much warmth and glow, without the massive safety hazard.

Finally, be doubly sure to keep a fully-charged fire extinguisher close at hand. It’s a necessary precaution to ensure that the party remains flame-free.

Keep a Close Eye on Your Guests

It’s just a matter of fact, New Year’s Eve parties and drinking tend to go hand-in-hand. As the party thrower, you are responsible for the safety of your guests. That means being absolutely sure not to over-serve anyone too much alcohol. Think of this as a sort of “active supervision for adults.”  While you may want to avoid cooking a full meal and having the oven on, you should still consider having snacks available to provide some sustenance for those who are drinking.

One great way to accomplish this is by serving drinks in two separate glass types. For example, alcohol can go in red cups, while non-alcoholic beverages are served in blue cups. This will help you to keep tabs on what people are drinking… and how much. Don’t let anyone leave your home while intoxicated!

Make Sure Everyone Gets Home Safe

That last point is critical. As the host, you have a responsibility to make sure everyone gets home safely.  Before the party begins, make sure that everyone has selected a designated driver. To avoid confusion, collect everyone’s keys before the party begins. This will help to prevent any revelers from getting out on the open road. After all, drunk driving kills 10,000 people in the United States each year. The holidays are even more dangerous.

That’s it, you’re ready to throw a grand and safe New Year’s Eve party! Happy 2019 from Pool Fence DIY!