Danger of Doggy Doors

Danger of Doggy Doors
For pet owners, doggy doors may seem like a gift from heaven. Pending your situation, they may be quite helpful. That said, for parents of young children, doggy doors can mean serious danger.

The Advantages of Having a Doggy Doors

Before we dwell on any drawbacks, let's explore the perks of installing a doggy door for your pet. To start, it offers great convenience. By allowing your pet to move freely between your house and yard, you can save yourself the hassle of constantly opening and closing the door.

Additionally, with a properly installed pet door, you don't have to worry about a rise in your heating bill, as most popular brands have already thought about this concern. In fact, they are usually designed to seal tightly enough to prevent any loss of hot or cool air.

In the right conditions, a pet door can provide your pet with unrestricted access to your property. Just make sure to install a mesh fence around the pool area to keep them safe. There’s no doubt, there are definite benefits to doggy door.

The Downside of Doggy Doors

When it comes to the safety of children, no detail should be overlooked. At Pool Fence DIY, our top priority is always water safety, especially when it comes to children. The fact is, doggy doors often become problematic when kids are involved. Simply put, drowning is one of the greatest dangers of children under five. It should be a serious concern for all parents.

It is important to take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. Keeping that in mind, installing a pet door creates a major security risk in your home.

Both children and pets can use the door without your awareness, allowing them to exit the house undetected.

This poses a significant danger, especially if a pool fence is not present, as the risk of immediate access to water is high. Tragically, statistics show that 75% of pet door incidents result in injury or death, as reported by the Safety Research and Strategies website.

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Layers of Safety

One of the biggest concerns with a doggy door, of course, is that a child will get outside, wander into the pool area, and fall into the water unnoticed. While a pool fence is very effective, it is much more effective when combined with other layers of safety. Especially if you have a pet door, a combination of safety measures for the pool area is essential.

Even then, parents should always be mindful of potential danger. It is recommended that you have a pool fence in the yard and consider having your child don a wearable personal alarm. While worn, these alarms are designed to sound an alert when the child comes into contact with water. Measures such as these will help to ensure the safety of your curious child both inside and outside the home.