Danger Alert: Swimming with Alligators

Danger Alert: Swimming with Alligators
There is nothing smart about swimming with alligators. In fact, people should avoid alligators at all times. These creatures may be quite common in certain areas, so we should all keep our defenses up.

What is the Danger of Gators?

To start us off, how dangerous are alligator attacks? How worried should the average person be? Well, for starters, many of us can likely rest a bit easier knowing that unprovoked alligator attacks do not happen nearly as often as many people think. In fact, the fear of attack by alligators is quite similar to the fear of a shark attack in that regard.

These attacks are nowhere near as common as people believe, but can still be quite dangerous. Swimming with alligators is still a serious hazard. According to research from the University of Florida, gator attacks do happen and should not be downplayed.

So, how do we avoid these attacks? Always be sure to avoid waters that may contain gators. Even if the water seems clear, always heed any safety alerts or signs. Alligators may be deceptively still and can camouflage under debris. One sad recent story, relayed here in the New York Times, tells of a 47-year-old man who was killed by a gator while retrieving Frisbees from a lake. If there is a chance of danger, don’t risk swimming with alligators or even entering gator-infested waters.

Luckily, most alligator attacks are non-fatal. Most alligator attacks are characterized by a single bite and immediate release. From the research, only roughly four percent of alligator attacks on humans in the United States have resulted in death.

Pool Safety: Swimming with Alligators

Finding yourself accidentally swimming with alligators in the pool can be terrifying. If you find yourself in this situation, the first course of action should be to get out of the water immediately.

The best way to avoid attacks is to stay away from dangerous waters in the first place. As the victim of that New York Times story shows, many a seemingly calm lake or pond could be housing hidden dangers. To this end, every person should take extra care when fishing near waters that could potentially house alligators. Take extra care of this precaution while fishing. Besides general fishing safety guidelines, be absolutely sure to never fish near potential gator habitats. Besides swimming with alligators, these ferocious beasts won’t hesitate to try to eat the fish right off your line… or bite whatever else comes close enough.

Avoiding Gators in Your Pool

Besides ponds and lakes, finding an alligator in your pool is a possibility in some areas. To help prevent unwanted intruders, take some of the same precautions you’d take to keep a child out of the water.

Installing a tall, sturdy pool fence should prevent an alligator from slipping into the water. Beyond this, a pool alarm can alert the whole house to a potential pool intruder. This is a great way to have an early warning sign before accidentally swimming with alligators. To learn more, read our full blog about what to do if you find a live animal in your pool.