Under Cover: 4 Hazards That Can Damage Your Pool Cover

Under Cover: 4 Hazards That Can Damage Your Pool Cover
As we enter the colder seasons, many of us have closed our pools for the year. In most cases, this means installing a pool cover to block access to the water. A pool cover can help in many ways, including keeping your pool water clear from debris. However, a cover isn’t invincible. Here are four hazards that can damage your pool cover.

1) Beware of Falling Branches, Twigs and Leaves

Trees can provide natural shade and privacy while you’re swimming, but they also can be a real hassle. When someone installs a cover, they’re likely concerned with preventing leaves and other junk from getting into their pool and clogging the drains. A cover can help there, but heavier and sharper objects, such as twigs, branches or even falling trees can play havoc with your pool. These can puncture and damage your pool cover. To help prevent this, consider pruning your trees, particularly before a storm.  Be sure to check the pool area frequently, including after a storm, to ensure that your pool cover is in tact.

2) Harsh Weather Can Damage Your Pool Cover

Since we’re talking about storm danger, let’s talk about damage from the elements. For the most part, the pool cover is designed to stand up to the harsh weather. It’s part of its job description. That said, water and wet fallen leaves, over time, can settle on your cover. These can get pretty heavy if left unattended. Eventually, this can damage your pool cover or cause it to buckle. To remedy this situation, use a pool cover pump. This device can gently remove the trapped water.

3) Let the Ice Melt

Beyond liquid water, frozen water can be equally dangerous to your pool cover. Ice can become quite heavy and jagged. Homeowners should resist the urge to scrape it off their cover with a shovel or skimmer. This can lead to rips and tears in the material. Instead, take heart that ice will eventually melt. Then you can use your pool cover pump to remove the excess water.

Ice can damage your pool cover.

4) Wild Animals

Finally, we’ve written before about what to do about finding an animal in your swimming pool. Sadly, this is still a reality even when the pool is closed. The fact is, animals are heavy. A panicked animal that wanders onto your cover can accidentally tear through the cover and fall in. Obviously this will damage your pool cover, but it will also put the poor animal in grave danger.

To help prevent both of these unfortunate situations, make sure you are using a weight-bearing cover. This should be able to support the weight of a person or animal. In the event that an animal (or person!) trips and falls into the closed pool, a weight-bearing cover should prevent them from tumbling into the water and possibly becoming trapped under the torn cover.

For added protection, consider installing a sturdy pool fence. A Do It Yourself pool safety fence is an invaluable layer of protection. It should be at least 48 inches tall, with slats that are no more than four inches apart. This prevents anyone and anything from climbing over or through the fence and into danger. Just like a proper pool cover, a fence from Pool Fence DIY is built to stand up to both extreme heat and blistering cold winters.