Choosing an Above-Ground Pool Fence

Choosing an Above-Ground Pool Fence
At Pool Fence DIY, we cover a lot of stories about pool safety fences. After all, safety is our top concern. There are a number of safety features to consider when choosing an above-ground pool fence. For instance, in today’s post we’ll take a closer look at what to consider when buying an above-ground pool fence.

Selecting an Above-Ground Pool Fence


Above all, when purchasing an above-ground pool fence, height is key. A pool fence is designed to keep kids (and pets!) out of harm’s way. After all, you don’t want a barrier that your kids can simply step or jump over. Kids are quite resourceful and love to use their toys as stepping stools, so you’ll want to eliminate this risk too. To do that, you’ll want to buy an above-ground pool fence that stretches as high above ground as possible!

For new buyers, we recommend an above-ground pool fence that is a minimum of four feet tall. That’s the bare minimum, but you can always go higher.

Strong and Supportive

The value of strong mesh on a pool fence cannot be overstated. For parents looking to keep little ones from forcing their way through the barrier to get to the water, you’ll want a strong and durable mesh fence. An above-ground pool fence is a great form of protection. However, without a tension-based mesh that can stand up to the weather, an excited dog or a pushy child… it won’t do much good.

To go along with that mesh, you’ll want to be sure to use aluminum support poles that will keep your fence standing. These poles should be triple-reinforced and placed no more than 36 inches apart. Combined, the poles will provide optimal tension to help keep anyone from slipping past the barrier. Keeping the poles and mesh taught will add strength to the structure and prevent the mesh from sagging over time.

Easy to Clean

This one isn’t exactly a safety issue, but it’s still a great feature to have. Make sure the mesh on your above-ground pool fence has a nice smooth vinyl coating. This will make it more resistant to mildew and easier to clean. You’ll be glad you thought ahead when clean-up time arrives.

Self-Latching Gate

The last, and perhaps most important, part of any above-ground pool fence buying guide is the gate. You’ll want a safe way to enter the pool area that won’t leave your little ones in danger. Adults want peace of mind, knowing full-well that their pool fence is secure when they leave the area. That is where a self-closing and self-latching gate comes in. As you can likely surmise from the name, these gates have a built-in safety features. They automatically close and lock behind a person after they pass through. It will surely ease your mind if you’re constantly worried that you didn’t close the gate.

A Pool Fence is Only One Layer of Defense. Add More!

Installing a pool fence is a wonderful safety measure for any pool owner… but it shouldn’t be the only safety measure. Drowning is a serious and always present danger. To better guard yourself and your family, it pays to add multiple layers of protection against such a disaster.

Here are some other protective measures to add:

  • Install locks and/or an alarm on any doors and windows that lead to your pool fence.
  • Include an additional alarm inside the pool in case someone makes their way into the water despite previous security measures.
  • Equip your child with a wearable alarm, like the Safety Turtle, which can be worn as an extra safety precaution.

When combined with a proper above-ground pool fence, these layers of protection will all help to prevent drowning danger in your home.