Can Pool Covers Be Dangerous?

Can Pool Covers Be Dangerous?
In the past, we’ve written about how to properly install a pool cover. During the colder months, these can be invaluable for protecting your pool. That said, can pool covers be dangerous?

Diving Deep: How Can Pool Covers Be Dangerous?

Now, if a pool is being closed up, a properly installed cover is invaluable. “Properly installed” really is the key here. Pool covers can be dangerous when they aren’t secured and fitted to the exact dimensions of the pool. This can lead to the cover slipping off, and leaving the water exposed to curious little ones, even animals.

Besides this potential danger, a misaligned or loose cover will also not do a very good job keeping debris out of your pool.

Falling Leaves and Debris

Before we tackle the danger, let’s take a moment to talk about those falling leaves and dirt. If a cover isn’t the correct size or shape, it can leave gaps. These gaps leave the pool water exposed. In the autumn, this can result in plenty of dead leaves in your water. All year long, this can allow dirt and other gunk into the pool as well.

Make Sure the Pool Cover is Secure

Beyond getting your pool water dirty, a loose pool cover creates a serious drowning hazard. Believe it or not, according to the CDC, drowning is one of the most common causes of death for children four years old and younger.

An improperly secured or loose cover can leave gaps big enough for a child to slip through. To make matters worse, the child may be unable to surface due to the pool cover. It’s a double hazard.

To prevent this drowning threat, make sure the pool cover is attached with anchors that are drilled directly into the deck or concrete. Additionally, make sure you are using a weight-bearing cover, which will support the weight of a person or animal. In the event that a person or animal trips and falls into the closed pool, a weight-bearing cover should prevent them from tumbling into the water and possibly becoming trapped underneath the cover.

When correctly installed, a good quality pool cover should be able to withstand the weight.

Pool Fences Add Extra Protection

Can pool covers be dangerous? As you can see, they definitely can when not properly secured and installed. When they are used correctly, they are an excellent safety device. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should tempt fate.

For extra peace of mind, we recommend adding multiple layers of security. In this case, consider installing a sturdy pool fence. A pool safety fence offers an invaluable extra layer of protection.

Of course, just like pool covers, it pays to choose the correct fence for your situation. At the most basic level, a fence should be at least 48 inches tall. The slats should be no more than four inches apart. This prevents anyone and anything from climbing over or through the fence and into danger. Just like a proper pool cover, it should also be strong enough to stand up to both extreme heat and blistering cold winters.