Body Smart: Tracking the Health Benefits of Swimming

Body Smart: Tracking the Health Benefits of Swimming
The health benefits of swimming cannot be overstated. As it turns out, hopping into the water is a brilliant total body workout. This exercise can help strengthen your heart without putting much wear and tear on your joints. So, go on: take those swimming lessons and join us as we explore a few of the many reasons to jump into the water today!

Exploring the Health Benefits of Swimming

First things first, splashing around in the water can be fun. However, the real benefit of swimming comes when you start treating it like an actual workout. Before you hop into the water, just remember to warm up your muscles with a quick 5-10 minute stretch. It’s a great habit to get into before any vigorous activity.

Swimming Helps to Soothe and Calm Your Body

Before we start talking about burning calories, let’s meditate on a hidden health benefit of swimming. Put simply, swimming keeps you calm! Let’s face it, modern life can be stressful. Hopping into a pool of cool, still water can help you to step away from it all. In the water, you can collect your thoughts and even meditate a bit. Plus, swimming helps to release endorphins, which can help you to relax as well.

Take It Easy On Your Joints 

For many of us, high impact exercises like running can be extremely painful to our sensitive joints. Fortunately, swimming doesn’t cause this problem. As you can probably imagine, floating in the water is an extremely low impact exercise. Doing laps provides an excellent workout without straining your body.

Swimming Burns Calories and Builds Muscle

Now let’s discuss one of our favorite health benefits of swimming: burning calories and building muscle. Like any exercise, swimming is a great way to get into shape. In fact, swimming for an hour can burn up to 500 calories. Believe it or not, this is actually more efficient than jogging, which only burns roughly 400 calories in an hour.

Even better, swimming is a full body workout! Since you’re using your whole body to propel yourself through the water, you are able to work out nearly every muscle group with a single exercise. That builds up and tones your muscles, helping you to become ripped! It’s a wonderful all-in-one exercise.

Keep That Heart Rate Up! 

When it comes to the benefits of swimming, a healthy heart is best of all! It’s true: swimming laps regularly can help to improve your overall cardiovascular health. This leads to a lower risk of heart disease.

Of course, the cardiovascular benefits don’t stop with your heart! You see, swimming requires more breath control than most exercises. This will also assist a strong swimmer in building better lung capacity. This supports your body’s ability to better process oxygen.

As you can see, swimming is one of the smartest exercises there is. Obviously, we at Pool Fence DIY couldn’t recommend this activity more. Swimming is an excellent addition to your exercise routine.

Now that we’ve explored the health benefits of swimming, just remember to pay attention to water safety rules as well. For instance, only swim in an area where a lifeguard can keep a close eye on you. Finally, if you are using a public pool, read this blog post to make sure the water is safe and sound.

That’s it! Good luck with those laps!