Time to Be Thankful for Swimming

Time to Be Thankful for Swimming
It’s Thanksgiving, and that means it is time to give thanks for the great things in our lives. It may seem unusual, but we’re going to take a moment to be thankful for swimming, and let you know why you should as well! The health benefits of this popular activity provide an incredible boost to our bodies.

Before we continue, let it not go without saying that we can incredibly thankful for you, our readers, as well!

Be Thankful for Swimming

When it comes to exercise, many common cardio activities, like jogging, can actually be pretty brutal on your body. The repetitive pounding of your feet against the pavement can play havoc with your joints. What’s more, if you don’t keep proper running form, it can cause pain in plenty of other areas as well.

Fortunately, that’s a great reason to be thankful for swimming. Swimming doesn’t put such stress on our bodies. As you glide through the water, you’ll be using every muscle group in a single exercise. Swimming is both efficient and effective. How about that? Let’s take a closer look at some of the health benefits of swimming.

Feeling The Burn, Even Underwater!

As we mentioned above, swimming is a full body workout. You’ll be able to tone your muscles while burning calories. Do a quick stretch, just to warm up those muscles, then hop in the water.

Swimming laps can help to improve your overall cardiovascular health, which can lead to a lower risk of heart disease. You’ll also improve your lung capacity over time, which can improve your body’s ability to process oxygen.

During 2020, one of our major concerns is COVID-19. As you’ve no doubt heard from the news. that’s especially true this Thanksgiving. Fortunately, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that COVID-19 cannot be transmitted through the water. This means as long as you are following social distancing guidelines, swimming is one of the safer ways to get in shape this year.

Side Benefit: No Sweat in Your Eyes

When it comes to exercise, pushing yourself to the limit can get very sweaty. Fortunately, when you’re in a swimming pool… you can’t possibly get any wetter! So amidst all these other benefits, swimming has that going for it, too!

Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t be sweating. Far from it. You’ll be sweating just as much as usual. But while you won’t need to deal with soaking-wet stinky clothes, don’t assume that your pool water will remain as clean as you feel. People often don’t realize how much oil, sweat and bodily fluids can transfer from our bodies to the water.

To help combat this, please remember to bathe before swimming. Similarly, don’t swim with any open wounds or sores, even if you are wearing bandages. It can be extremely helpful in preventing the spread of bacteria that can harm your fellow swimmers.

Swimming is a Great Way to Relax

One final reason to be thankful for swimming is the peace of mind it provides. It doesn’t all need to be about getting ripped and staying fit! As long as you’re taking the proper safety precautions, a dip in the pool can be quite relaxing.

The stress of the holidays can take a toll on our bodies. Taking some quiet, personal time in the pool can really help a person to de-stress. Additionally, swimming helps to release endorphins, which can be even more relaxing.

As you can see, there are so many reasons to be thankful for swimming this year… and every year!