Autumn Safety Tips: Danger Doesn’t Stop After Summer

Autumn Safety Tips: Danger Doesn’t Stop After Summer
The summer months have come and gone, but this doesn’t mean that danger is going into hibernation. Besides, in warmer climates, the pools are still open. Keeping this in mind, here are some practical autumn safety tips that everyone can use.

Closing Up for the Summer

At this point, we’ve written at length about swimming during the coronavirus pandemic. According to the CDC, if you’re taking care to adhere to social distancing guidelines, swimming is completely safe. In a well-maintained pool, the virus is simply not transmittable through water. So if you’re in a warmer state, feel free to just keep swimmin’!

Of course, while you’re swimming, remember to stay as safe as possible. No matter the season, safety should take precedence. For those of us in colder climates, it would be a good idea to check out this detailed guide about safely and securely closing your pool. After all, during those months when no one is even thinking about hopping into the pool, it should be properly locked up and covered. A properly installed pool fence, pool cover and alarms are powerful weapons in the fight against drowning danger. Your pool cover should be able to support the full bodyweight of a person. This should help to prevent anyone from stumbling in and becoming trapped under the water. A pool fence should be strong, tall and properly locked at all times. You can learn more about pool fence safety in our dedicated blog post.


Finally, don’t forget to lock up any toys or chemicals. Keeping these out of sight will help put the pool out of mind for intrepid and curious young explorers.

Fall Safety Tips Beyond the Water: Darkness Comes Early

Next, let’s step away from the pool. The long days of summer are now behind us. In the fall, the days are much shorter. One of the best fall safety tips is to take heed of the limited daylight. Night comes quickly in these months. With less daylight, parents should remind their children not to play outside in the dark. Set firm but fair rules about outdoor play during the fall. Additionally, take a moment to warn your little ones to take extra precautions.

  • Wear reflective clothing to make themselves more visible to motorists.
  • Come home earlier when the sun sets earlier.
  • Be extra careful when visibility is poor. Falling injuries are far more likely when children can’t see where they are running.

Allergies On the Attack

Next on our list of autumn safety tips: don’t underestimate the dangers and annoyance of allergies. The falling leaves bring their own brand of allergic reactions in adults and children everywhere. For one, pollen can cause runny noses and irritated eyes. The air itself can be hazardous during the autumn months, carrying mold and harmful bacteria. During the modern pandemic, we’re all understandably a bit more worried about cold symptoms than usual. For this reason, extra precautions should be taken.

Sure, kids love to jump into piles of leaves, but dead leaves can hide harmful bacteria and mold. This can be particularly dangerous for children with asthma. During high pollen levels, the best autumn safety advice we can offer is to ask your child to spend more time indoors. Additionally, keep an eye on allergen levels. These can help to prevent potentially dangerous asthma attacks and more.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to autumn safety tips, our advice is both basic and easy to follow. Stay vigilant and keep safety top-of-mind at all times. Finally, the less time spent outside in total darkness, the better. For kids and adults that are still swimming… the same rules for summer apply to the fall! Take precautions to help your kids stay as safe as possible this season.

Good luck and have a wonderful fall!