Anyone Can Prevent Drowning: Reality Star Rescues Drowning Man

Anyone Can Prevent Drowning: Reality Star Rescues Drowning Man
Swimming safety is our top concern at Pool Fence DIY. One of the messages we aim to spread is that anyone can help prevent drowning. For example, today we’re sharing the inspiring story of how Alex Brovarnik, star of “90 Day Fiancé”, recently helped to save a man from drowning in the ocean.

The Danger Was All Too Real

Any person can prevent drowning, if they’re paying attention. When it comes to keeping people safe at the beach, a lot has to do with being in the right place at the right time. That’s exactly what happened in Alex Brovarnik’s story.

Brovarnik and his wife Loren were on a cruise that took a stop in the Bahamas. While relaxing on the beach, Alex was alert enough to notice a seemingly unconscious man in the water. Remember, more often than not, drowning doesn’t look the way it does in the movies and television. Very rarely is there a big dramatic scene in which the victim splashes and screams for help. In reality, drowning is deceptively quiet. A struggling person cannot catch their breath and ends up quietly slipping under the waves. That seems to be exactly what happened in this scenario.

According to Page Six, the reality star was able to recognize the signs of drowning and immediately spring into action. As you can see in Loren’s video of the event, Brovarnik carries the victim out of the water and onto the beach. Once they reached the sand, he performed CPR.

Before watching, note that the video contains some harsh language and can be disturbing to some viewers.



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Anyone Can Prevent Drowning

This incident perfectly illustrates just how ever-present the danger of drowning can be, but it also reminds us that anyone can prevent drowning. The beach in the video was packed with people, including some swimmers who were right next to the victim. This shows how someone can find themselves in a potentially deadly situation without any warning.

In most cases, children are the ones who find themselves at risk. In fact, drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for children between the ages of one and four. Additionally, a new report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission unfortunately indicates that drowning danger is on the rise across the nation. Of course, as we learned from Alex Brovarnik’s heroic story, anyone of any age can find themselves in danger of drowning.

Education is the best way to improve our chances of preventing future potentially fatal situations like this one. To this note, every person should learn how to swim, no matter their age. Young or old, there is a class available that can teach you valuable life-saving techniques.

Becoming properly certified in CPR can also help to save a life. It’s a relatively easy skill to learn and can help to prevent a possible tragedy. A quick look at this story shows us that anyone can prevent drowning, as long as they are prepared and alert.