2022 Guide to Closing Your Pool

2022 Guide to Closing Your Pool
As another Labor Day passes, it marks the end of swimming pool season for many families. Of course, there are several important steps when it comes to closing your pool.

Pool Fence DIY’s 2022 Guide to Closing Your Pool

Depending on where you live, it might be time to break out the pool cover. Closing your pool is a smart idea for the colder months. When the temperature starts to drop, the water will sit largely unused.

Choosing the Right Pool Cover

When it comes to choosing a pool safety cover, remember that they are not all made equally. In fact, some can be downright dangerous. Above all, a pool cover should be strong enough to withstand the elements and handle the full weight of a person.

A strong and properly secured pool cover can prevent both people and animals from falling into the icy water during the winter months. In the past, this blog has discussed what can happen if animals, or even a curious child, wander onto a poorly installed cover. It is quite possible for them to fall through and end up trapped.

Be sure to use a positively reviewed pool cover and, if needed, have it professionally installed. This can help give you peace of mind when closing your pool.

Turn Off All Pool Equipment and Safely Store Chemicals

Part of closing your pool involves properly shutting down and storing all of the pumps and equipment. The pool pumps and filters should be properly drained to prevent water from freezing in the pipes over the winter. Beyond that, any hoses or vacuums should be stowed away, out of the elements to avoid damage.

Beyond the equipment, any pool chemicals, such as shock or chlorine, need to be properly stowed. These chemicals can be painful to the skin or even deadly if ingested. The best course of action is to simply lock them away. Out of sight is the best policy. Keep them in a cool place, preferably indoors and away from the elements.

To this end, be sure to read and follow any handling instructions recommended by the manufacturers. For added security, read up on emergency phone numbers and procedures in the event that someone is accidentally exposed to these chemicals.

While you’re putting things away, don’t forget to remove any toys from the yard. These playthings can remind kids of the pool… which can lead to them playing on top of the pool cover. It is best to not leave anything to chance.

A Pool Fence Helps a Closed Pool, Too

Finally, the last part of Pool Fence DIY’s 2022 Guide to Closing Your Pool should not surprise anyone. Install a pool fence! Our regular readers know that we are quite fond of installing a Do It Yourself pool safety fence.

These fences should be at least four feet tall and feature a self-latching gate. When it comes to water safety, a pool fence is a powerful line of defense. Like the pool cover, it should be strong enough to stand up to both nature’s elements and curious kids or animals.

For further information, take a look at the installation videos linked from our website.